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  1. I'm selling my Chevy powered V8 85 Z31. Just search V8 300zx and Alf and you can read all about it. Car has new radiator, new battery, new custom Flowmaster exhaust, new rear shocks, new proffessionally built driveshaft, and a fresh engine. Also has some rust. Great running driving project car. Asking $3,900 send me an email if you have questions. [email protected]
  2. Alf, I want to swap my 1988 300zx to a v/8 small block chevy. If you have any advice on that type of swap please advise. Thanks rick

  3. hello Alf, my name is hunter. I am looking to swap a v8 into my 86 N/A or possibly and ls1 if you can't tell by my username. I was wondering if you still had the dimensions for the mounts for the engine and stuff.

  4. hot_rod_1203

    From the album The VG30E hot rod build

  5. hot_rod_1199

    From the album The VG30E hot rod build

  6. hot_rod_1198

    From the album The VG30E hot rod build

  7. hot_rod_1197

    From the album Parts For Sale

  8. hot_rod_1196

    From the album Parts For Sale

  9. VG30 and 5 speed -- $100

    I should have specified, the one in Kansas needs to go, I'm done school in May and I have to get it out so it's free or whatever you feel like giveing me for it. The one in New Jersey is not free, its still for sale though make an offer.
  10. VG30 and 5 speed -- $100

    Any offer considered, I want this thing gone.