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  1. 2JZ engine build question

    Goddam the air must come in like a windtunnel thats awesome. I used a Q45 TB and for the tps I just switched the wires around. Get a flange and weld it easy as that. Q45 flange is cheap I got a really nice one on ebay for $180.
  2. 2JZ engine build question

    The CD009 is a great trans. It came on a car for 15 years so parts will be of no short coming. I got it at a junk yard for $600, brand new from nissan is $1800. The Getreg is 3-7k, not an option for 99% of us. Yes $3k is alot for all of us but the parts that wear out can be easily and cheaply replaced luckily. So if you burn up a flywheel just need the plates replaced with the bolts and done. Clutch isnt "custom" like they make it seem. Im not aware of which models they mix and match but im sure it can be attainable when your clutch goes. I have R200 with 354 gears im in 4th most of the time 5th brings the rpm lower but reasonable around 2k. I have yet to go into 6th at all in over 200 miles. So who knows the mileage ill get from it. I do however want to upgrade to 3.7 gears but I feel the power band would be too snappy and 1st will be completely useless even for taking off. I can already start in 2nd no bogging at all lol.
  3. 2JZ engine build question

    SeatleJester- I didnt want to bog him down lol. Those were the absolute necessities/ differences for the GE to be a solid platform. I personally enjoy the 350z trans its really smooth and comfortable and super easy to find at junk yards.
  4. 2JZ engine build question

    I went GE-T. I got the motor for $500. Far cheaper than the GTE but the distributor will limit the size turbo you want. Unless you get a manifold that brings the turbo back and lower. Front facing manifolds are easy to come by and make life easier. The wiring is different and may get pricey but its not bad with a standalone. Bigger injectors are needed regardless so i went with ID1000s. My goal was only 400-450hp which im very close too. I put down about 365 wit 10psi on a holset turbo. All you truly need to go NA-T is OEM twin turbo GTE head gasket ARP head studs for safe measure not that expensive ARP main studs for safe measure not that expensive ARP rod bolts Bigger injectors and fuel rail, I would just get a front facing manifold its easier. Standalone ECU Thats all you really need. You might need a MSD ignition box if you go for bigger power or you can do coil on plug conversion and delete the distributor but thats alot more work. Its really cheap to build a NA-T. Also consider i blew up my na-t TWICE and its still cheaper than if i went GTE lol.
  5. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    Installed the pump on the first of July. Drove it around 100 miles then another bump on the road, injector drive for cylinder 1 took a dump. Had spark but injector wasnt coming on and could swap it around and the injector works but the wiring seemed to be the issue. Tested it seemed good but no power from ecu. Not the first time a driver went. Spare drivers apparently are no good. Luckily someone on ebay rebuilds them, so sending it out tomorrow. Driving it off boost its fast as hell! The welded R200 for sure wont handle it lol(I have an LSD that needs to be put together), sounds like itll blow. Car needs new tires anyway so ill let them spin. Kind of want a new fuel cell thats baffled the foam stuff will eventually clog the filter again anyways. Also the fuel gauge drives me NUTS! how can I be on E and fill up with 6 gallons on a 17 gallon tank! Looking at a classic instruments fuel link interface that has a resistor in it to really level out the fuel gauge.
  6. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    Finally got the car running! Turns out my distributor wasnt sync'd in so it wasnt starting. Quick look in the manual showed me how to do that, another thing the GTE doesnt have to worry about. She turned over and did the 40min break in. My friend suggested a 2hr idle break in and in the process, 30min in the fuel pump gave out :/ So ordered another Bosch 044, this time with a check valve and a shut off valve for the fuel cell. Since I didnt think that part through and fuel will go everywhere when I swap out the pump and check the filers lol. I had the pump sitting for years in the box, so im sure it didnt help to just start using.I knew it was going out when my fuel pressure started creeping lower and lower. Had power but tap with a hammer and it kicks on. Oh well atleast the motor runs enough to do a break in! Going to aim for 500ish miles before going for a real tune and hopefully get 400hp-500hp. It made 398 at 7psi on 9 screwed up valves and a knock lol.
  7. Front or Rear sump

    I would say no. I have the rear sump from a 2jzge supra. Its very evident when I put the mount on the wrong holes to the block a front sump wouldnt work. Thats not to say that CX racing isnt using a front sump, however the motor will not sit as far back or low as the rear sump. And in racing low and closer to the center of gravity the motor is the better the car handles.
  8. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    So me and my buddy finally finished the motor. Took way longer than expected because of all the hurdles. Found 9 out of 24 valves to be out of spec, with 2 being double the specs. So those valves were either stuck open or closed. Crazy how the car even ran or idled the way it did, props to the tuner. But now to spend a couple days to put the little stuff back together plus have to torque the crank pulley which will be a challenge. Also for anyone interested to know. I have a Holset HE351CW those come T3. Most manifolds now and days come T4. I had to use a spacer to fit on the manifold which made it 8 bolts to worry about. Well, I decided I wanted to take that out and cut the T3 flange and add a T4 flange. Sent it to my machine shop and the welder did a really nice job. I did all the measurements to keep my exhaust and intake the same without modding them for a lower angle. Im really happy with it and I hope it lasts. SO many people were telling me it couldnt be done, so hopefully I can shove this in there face. I only spent $180 to mod it and got the turbo for like $400, so all in way cheaper than a brand new turbo. Ill update once I get the motor in hopefully within this week or weekend.
  9. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    Well small update so machine shop was able to get the short block back together in a week which was awesome. Then Today just redecked the head because found a gouge in the head which leads me to believe in the future this motor would have blown if the bearings didnt go when they did. Also found out they didnt put a stock twin turbo head gasket in which is a 1.3mm gasket instead they put a cometic 1.8mm gasket which I didnt ask for. So with the thinner gasket it should run better off boost. While it was at the machine shop added some ARP rod bolts and main studs since it was all apart again. Worth the extra $200 for peace of mind. Other than that, once my friend is off we could put the motor back together in a day. So hoping to have it up and running by end of may early june. Soliz good luck, its all about just having a good headgasket, arp head studs, rod bolts and mains if you want. Its a solid motor, I just had some bad luck. The oil was bad lots of shavings. But going to run 10w40 and for break in going to use a upgraded filter that will get all the little stuff in the motor.
  10. My 78 280z 2JZnat Build Thread

    Ahh dope. Any links on that, I may have to consider it. The ls1 coil swap is very pricey now and a pain at this point.
  11. My 78 280z 2JZnat Build Thread

    Not sure if i missed it but what did you do for the coil packs? Did you use TT stuff or Lexus stuff? I kept the dizzy which is a pain in the butt. The swap is looking good!
  12. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    Lol it wasnt a good sign but ignorance is bliss and I didnt wanna believe it. I knew early on the motor didnt seem right. It was hard to pin it on a bad motor with so much of the motor having issues. Plans are this week start pulling stuff off and have the motor pulled for the weekend. I also plan to talk with the builder and see if he'll refund the money since he just closed his shop. I feel like I can rebuild the motor but I know its a tough task and I want the motor done asap to still enjoy it for the summer, so may take it to a professional. Curious what the oil will look like once I drain it. All im hoping for is shot bearings and salvageable crank and block. Also hope to not take it to a machine shop because that will eat up weeks.
  13. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    Well bad news for me. The motor has a knock and doing a compression test it was at most 125 and lowest was 110. Persistent knock between 1500-3k that was load and upwards not as loud but its there. The new black bov spring did indeed help with compression surge and the msd works. The tach adapter was screwing me up. Turns out for me i didnt need it but in general toyotas need it.
  14. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    Hey guys any input would be appreciated. Im trying to install MSD 6a with the tach adapter and SS blaster coil anyone have experience with MSD install? All the threads I searched are from 2004-2006 so all the pics are broken. It seemed straight forward and potentially may have fried the msd unit but this is what I have going on. here are some of the diagrams http://documents.msdperformance.com/6201.pdf PAGE 10 the first diagram http://documents.msdperformance.com/8910eis.pdf NEW DIAGRAM FOR TACH ADAPTER Following the tach adapter I accidentally had the tach wire on the positive and potentially could have fried the unit since the lines were crossed. BUT The unit has power and when it cranks the power goes out. Potentially also had to crimp the distributor wire might have crushed it or did a poor job not too sure, im more concerned with the wiring. My confusion is (following tach diagram) I have BOTH reds hooked up to where the ignition coil harness positive which for me is black with red stripe. The black line hooked to the "negative" of the coil for me is purple. My confusion is should I leave the black hooked up and the red lines hooked up to a switch and leave the coil harness as is with just the negative hooked up. Any help would be appreciated. I need to get this sorted out so I can go back to Evans Tuning. He said this was preventing my car from full potential, Spark blow out after 10psi. Thanks guys! What I plan to do is take everything off and just have the SS coil and go from there.
  15. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    I ordered a 6in tube when my tank is 7in deep. So that 1 inch will leave 2 gallons of fuel so when it reads empty ill really still have 2 gallons which is good. So that must be what you are dealing with. I did the math with some formula. I am scared for the foam but for this year ill go with the foam and then over the winter modify the tank with baffles. He did clarify bov not wg because i did ask. But the smaller spring I dont think will be a big deal but once installed ill start the car and see how it acts before I install the MSD coil and ignition 6a box. Nice! Good job, i really liked that manifold but running a T3 turbo just wasnt going to work with it.