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  1. Hey I have a 280z with a rb25det swap... Recently I saw smoke coming out of my vents, so I checked, and one of my fuses, (I think that's what they are) caught fire and started to melt. This just started to happen and I'm not sure if it's because my alternator is giving out too much voltage, or are the wires to cheap? Should I redo them with thicker wires? Also I can't even listen to my radio because I get no power with ignition on, only when I have the car actually on.
  2. 1977 Datsun 280z RB25det build

    What's the brand of the intake you have? Or is it a generic one off eBay, or the Isis intake? Thanks
  3. 300zx clsd

    Any one have a 300zx clsd in SoCal? Looking for one in good shape. Pm me
  4. wtb z31 '300zx' 3.7 lsd diff...

    Haven't gotten any message...
  5. wtb z31 '300zx' 3.7 lsd diff...

    If he doesn't want it, I'll be interested in the clsd.
  6. 280z L28et

    The car does seem to run good but i wish to have more power and better gas mileage.
  7. 280z L28et

    Sorry for taking long to reply, been busy with work. Here is my afr map that it has, seems kind of odd?
  8. 280z L28et

    Hey guys so I have a 280z l28et with ms2 v3.0 Running the turbo distributor. I have a 24x12x2.3 intercooler and running 440cc supra injectors with a tial bov and a boost controller set at 12psi. I have a 3in downpipe all the way out with a bigger compressor wheel on the stock turbo. So I just got my car dynoed 2 days ago and I'm unhappy with the result. I made 195hp and 237ft tq. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the tune because I've seen Similar setup hitting 300hp and around 358tq. Does anyone have a map that has been proven to hit 300hp. I've spent too much time on Megasquirt and the wiring to just not see a lot of hp gain. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  9. WTB: 240z Horn Pad

    Do you still have the horn? Borini63
  10. Used Megasquirt

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone is selling a megasquirt complete with the wiring harness for sale? My stock turbo ecu just died on me and thinking of getting megasquirt instead of stock components, just too much money for me at this point for me to buy it new, and I want something in good used working condition. Thanks I'm located in SoCal.
  11. 280z turbo swap

    Thanks guys!! Without hybridz I couldn't have done the swap. My ignitor wasn't working and my coil. Plus I didn't have power to the ecu. I just followed the swap guide. Now my car runs great! Thanks
  12. 280z turbo swap

    I just downloaded the FSM right now. The ignitor, when i connect it it makes a tick sound, only once... Is that normal? I also tested the T plug from the ignitor with a tester. the horizontal side male and female both have power. I think thats wrong right?
  13. 280z turbo swap

    Hey guys so i figured out everything, except the distributor. The motor turns over and i have fuel, but i have the distributor out with the coil plug on the intake. I then move the distributor shaft by hand to see if it makes the coil sparks, but it doesn't. I only hear the injectors ticking when i move the shaft. I have no clue if i have the wiring right? Any help guys? P.S. i bought the motor running, then towed it 300 miles and wouldn't start. I thought it might be something easy so started with the swap. Maybe the ecu is fried or the distributor?
  14. 280z turbo swap

    Hey i just put in a turbo motor in my 280z. I have the turbo ecu and harness all connected. I have power to the coil and i have fuel. The problem is that the coil somehow doesn't send it to the distributor. I think its the module in the distributor that might be fried? Are those wires suppose to be connected together? The blue, green, and red? This 3 white connectors and the white stripe, do those just have to be connected to themselves? Are those wires connected properly? When i connected them, they gave me power to the other wires. Im not sure where the yellow wire goes to, and where the white connector goes to? Im using the stock coil and do these connectors have to be used? I have no idea what these are? I used the stock NA distributor and connected it to these connections. I got spark to the plugs and everything. Im not sure why the turbo distributor isn't working? Now to the real question i have this plug from under the dash that was connected to the NA harness, but the turbo harness has a 8 pin connector. do i have to get the female connector the the turbo car, and wire it with the plug under my car? This is the 8 pin connector, guessing it connects to the plug with 4 wires under the dash? I really just need spark from the distributor because thats the only thin not making my car fire, i think my distributor is fried and i need to connect the connections from under the dash to the harness? Any help is appreciated thanks.