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  1. WTB: Turbo Dizzy

    I have a complete one I could part with.
  2. Megasquirt wont dowload firmware

    Did you put a jumper on the ms2 board on the b/ld pins?
  3. Spare parts rebuilt engine/t5 etc

    Will you ship the t5?
  4. Super easy CS130 install

    mikeatrpi did you crimp the F and L wires together on your harness? I'm trying to do this swap and bought the same pigtail.
  5. Thanks for reading, just as the title states I would like to get in contact with Tony from AltZ. If you know him please pm me the reason I am trying to contact him is that I bought a 280z that he had a lien on and I have tried to register the car but I am missing some paperwork. Thank you
  6. WTB P90A Hydraulic lifters

    These are stock lifters but they only came in the late 1983 280zx turbo on the P90a head. They are hydraulic and when they go bad they cannot be replaced so a lot of people switch to the solid lifters that were on all of the other heads. Thanks for your offer though
  7. WTB P90A Hydraulic lifters

    Hello I am wondering if anybody who has converted from hydraulic to solid lifters still has theirs sitting on a shelf somewhere and would not mind parting with them. Please let me know if you do and how much shipped to 92707. Thanks in advance
  8. How much for the oil cooler adapter?
  9. WTB: p90 head and f54 or n42 short block Socal

    I have a N42 long block from a 79 280zx I am also in Santa Ana. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Various S30 parts ***30% off everything***

    Interested in the bumper sent you a pm.
  11. WTB 82-83 L28ET ECU

    Found one. Please lock
  12. WTB 82-83 L28ET ECU

    Hi I am looking for a ecu for a 1982-83 l28et I would preffer a cali 5sp but will take anything. Let me know if you have one and how much shipped to 92707. Thanks in advance
  13. S30, L28, and L28ET Parts

    Pm'd on the turbo wire harness
  14. Also very interested. Do keep us updated.
  15. Is the alternator brand new or re-manufactured? I ask because I just had to change the alternator on my 620 with a re-manufactured unit. I had them bench test it before I bought it tested good but when I put it in the truck it would not charge. I replaced the voltage regulator and checked grounds and everything else. Turned out the alternator was bad and not charging the unit they replaced it with works great now. Just make sure you check all the wiring on your charging system like clean grounds and contacts.