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  1. KA Mounting Question

    Not sure why i cant msg you but my email is [email protected]
  2. KA Mounting Question

    Here is a picture of the Vildini Mount, its a weld on mount but honestly i like this over other mounts becuase it ties the frame rails together and makes it feel alot more stiff. The mount allows you to use your stock motor mounts too.
  3. KA Mounting Question

    I actually bought the Vildini Motorsports weld in engine cradle, the trans mount i fabricated myself, driveshaft was cut, welded and balanced by a driveshaft shop. Actually most of my parts will be up for sale soon since im going LS power on my Z
  4. KA Mounting Question

    When i did my Sr20det swap on my Z, ( sr20det and kA24de bolt up exactly the same) I had to make a trans mount that bolted up to the trans tunnel, since the 280z trans mount location is different with the KA/SR trans, also you will need a custom driveshaft, since it actually needs to be shortened and fitted to the KA/SR splined shaft.
  5. Misc Parts For Sale

    Still got th flares? how much for shipping to 92346 CA?
  6. Plastic or Aluminum "FairladyZ" Emblems

    Are the "FairladyZ" Emblems still available?
  7. How to do a RHD Conversion

    Hey Guys! The project is still not dead, just kinda laggy. I finally sent the z over to my brothers shop to finish up the body work and paint the z. The color I ended up going with was 350z pearl white. So as soon as he gets around to painting it(might take a while) I will post pics and hopefully get it going on the road. Stay tuned!
  8. Interested in those flares as well, let me know if the others dont buy them.
  9. How to do a RHD Conversion

    I will check in a day or so and get you some measurements.
  10. How to do a RHD Conversion

    Hey Guys! This Project is NOT dead. Just waiting on funds, the car is mostly stripped down right now for paint. Hopefully I get it painted in a month or so and post pics.
  11. The three word, never ending, story.

    when suddenly a.....
  12. The three word, never ending, story.

    while playing basketball.....
  13. The three word, never ending, story.

    Pat Mcgroin, who...
  14. The three word, never ending, story.

    Had a rash.....