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  1. FS: Triple carb AND LD28 intakes

    Tripple intake sold and shipped. LD28 intake still available, open to offers
  2. FS: Triple carb AND LD28 intakes

    LD28 intake manifold. It is two piece with long runners. It needs to be modified to work with your L-series build. $150 shipped in the USA Unidentified triple carb/ITB manifold. At some point in its life it was dropped and a mounting ear is broken/missing. What's pictured is what you get. $100 shipped in the USA Email [email protected] or PM me on here, I usually check in daily. Thanks!
  3. LD28 VO7 stroker crank

    SOLD! Thanks hybridZ
  4. LD28 VO7 stroker crank

    Ive got a LD28 crank forsale from a diesel Maxima. Its been hot tanked and looks to be in good condition. Asking $1000 shipped within the USA. Thanks! Kenny And a quick iPhone video flyover https://youtu.be/V_yw-_Aa4qs
  5. Turbo dizzy for Megasquirt setup

    You'll need the oil pump drive as well.
  6. FS: 280z front brake upgrade

    The calipers are from a 1990ish 4runner. The spacers are available from a number of the current Z parts suppliers.
  7. FS: 280z front brake upgrade

    I have for sale the parts needed to run the Toyota 4x4 calipers on a 280z. The rotor spacers are from Modern Motorsports (10 years ago) They are new, and include hardware. The calipers are used and a little crusty. I would highly suggest a rebuild prior to use. The pistons move, and the bleeders bleed. They are the S12+8. The rotors are used, but look serviceable. They don't have any major ridges and measure .815" for one, .805" for the other. This sale is for the calipers, spacers, and rotors only. I would be willing to trade for a pair of 30mm aluminum Z32 300zx calipers in serviceable condition, or $175 shipped.
  8. Tons of nice Parts For Sale

    Got the turbo intake today. Looks great and fast shipping! Thanks
  9. Brackets for Z32 brakes on a S30

    Paypal'd and bump
  10. Valuable 280zx Parts?

    If it's a turbo, the engine/harness/ecu are worth pulling. If it has a manual transmission its worth pulling. If you don't need to keep it a roller, 510 guys use the front struts. What year is it? What part of Washington are you in?
  11. Brackets for Z32 brakes on a S30

    I'm in for a set of brackets.
  12. Classified Postings

    http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/113791-classifieds-rules/ #12 probably
  13. WTB 280ZX Turbo Distributor and Oil pump shaft

    I have a shaft, $40 shipped?
  14. Autometer Ultra lite 2 5/8 (x2)

    Sent you a PM with PayPal info. Sale pending
  15. Autometer Ultra lite 2 5/8 (x2)

    Hey guys and gals. I am going to go with a different set of gauges on my Z, so I have these two for sale. This size gauge fits well in the Z dash holes. Both gauges were used for under 2000 miles, and both should be in excellent working condition. First is an 2 5/8" Mechanical Oil pressure gauge. You will need to get a new install kit for it, which can be purchased a the local autoparts store, or Summit JEGS Amazon ect. ( http://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/auto-meter/part-type/gauge-supply-line-kits/product-line/autometer-tubing-and-line-kits?N=400442%2B4294947490&SortBy=Default&SortOrder=Ascending&autoview=SKU&ar=1 ) $40 shipped Second is an electric 2 5/8" water temp gauge. I have the sensor and a few adapters I found in my tool box to send along. $40 shipped I would be willing to do $75 shipped for the pair. OR- I would be willing to trade/+$ for a L28ET intake manifold.