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  1. Blasting vs. sanding (rust repair)

    Be careful using any acid product under certain epoxy primers. Many epoxy primers are not compatible with acid rust convertors or etch primers. In the House of Kolor tech manual, it states over and over not to use any acid product under their epoxy primers including etch primers. Check the tech data sheets on the paint system you plan on using to make sure you dont end up causing more headaches down the road.
  2. Finally sprayed my Z

    It was alot of work and alot of $$$$. It all depends on how nice you want it.
  3. 74 260z, v8 swap

    Would they cause a fuss with no cat convertors?
  4. 74 260z, v8 swap

    It looks like it is a Canadian car. I just did quick research on what it would take to import into the USA and it looks like a pain in the a$$. I am sure that there is a market for your car here in the US if it could be imported but I am not familiar at all with Canadian prices. https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/importing-car
  5. Finally sprayed my Z

  6. Finally sprayed my Z

    Hi guys. I finally finished up the body work and sprayed my Z. It has been a long long process. The color is House of Kolor KBC11 candy red. It came out good. There is soo much reassembly to do after I finish color sanding and buffing. Here is a few pics.
  7. 74 260z, v8 swap

    That looks like a nice car. You built some crazy headers for it lol. Auto or stick?
  8. 76 280z parts - hatch, trans, heater core, etc

    Interior windshield pillar plastic trim pieces?
  9. 240z / 280z Parts for sale

    Send me a few pics of the taillights front and back. Are there broken studs or cracked mounting flanges?
  10. 240z or 280z Seats

    I have a clean set of black seats out of my car. They are from a 1978 280z. Where are you from as shipping these would be cost prohibitive and a royal pain in the ass. Ian.
  11. Lt1s take a specific lt1 clutch. The slave cylinder etc operates differently. It is a pull style clutch vs a push style clutch. Google lt1 pull clutch. It's been a year and a half since I did the clutch on my 93 Callaway lt1. Standard clutch stuff doesnt work with an lt1 setup.
  12. Selling my 1993 Callaway Supernatural Camaro via Ebay. Here's the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171638643596?forcerRptr=true&item=171638643596&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123
  13. Gen 6 Mark VI BBC 454 Vortec Cam Question

    That's why I put this in the misc. tech section. Comp doesn't say this is max lift with a certain engine. They won't for fear of a mistake. However, I thought maybe someone here had a prior experience with this engine where I could get an answer. It's a bbc which people do have in their Datsun and it's a general engine question si it's relevant. No different than saying how much cam lift can a stock 5.0 engine out of a mustang handle?
  14. Hi. I'm selling my set of S&S Headers. These headers have never been run. I test fit them after buying them from S&S several years ago and the project stalled. Life Happened. I had the headers professionally coated in and out at www.centralctcoatings.com/ The collectors are included and they are not coated. They are bare steel. These headers have 1 3/4" primary tubes. I performed some minor clearancing as can be seen in the pictures to clear the steering arm prior to me having the headers coated. $500 plus shipping and insurance via FedEx I'll estimate around $40-50 in shipping based on the massive size of the box they will have to go in (Dimensional weight charge) Prefer cash, Can be picked up in CT. I work in Hartford and live in eastern CT 35 miles away. 860-559-1732