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  1. That's insane... It's gotten to a point that I take the price of things one ebay with a grain of salt. I had a small lot of these diesel pumps that I happened upon a few years back at a local mom and pop auto, I wish I would have hoarded those few instead of re-selling them. After a quick search, this popped up : http://www.ebay.com/itm/AISIN-Water-Pump-BA010-17S27-/361779382253?epid=75011233&hash=item543bbb47ed:g:0QsAAOSw4CFY0ZX2&vxp=mtr Seems a bit more reasonable.
  2. 280Z Garage Sale

    PM sent.
  3. 1- XL short sleeve T-shirt, Asphalt Grey Zip code: 37849
  4. HY35

    I would suggest investing in a good wideband O2 if you don't already have one. They are an incredible tool when tuning and when diagnosing problems if they were to arise. With 300-350 horses your going to need to address your clutch, the stock clutch and pressure plate aren't going to cut it. You could either upgrade the clutch disk and pressure plate for the 225mm flywheel you have, or you can upgrade to a flywheel and clutch setup with more contact area. There are a few options of the latter around including the 240mm zxt / 2+2 flywheel and i believe someone makes a spacer to allow the use of an RB flywheel. The trans should live for a while (I got close to 5 years out of my 83 zx trans) but I would be looking for a beefier solution in the future. That's about it off of the top of my head, if I remember anything else I will be sure to post it.
  5. 480Z - cheap 2+2 build

    The motor is the leftovers of a warranty replacement in my dads old Silverado. From what I gather it had some issues with the crank angle sensor not picking up properly because the crank thrust was out of spec. I know that when I get to it, I will probably need main bearings. Currently the motor doesn't have an intake manifold or front accessories which really opens up possibilities as far as purchasing replacements that would work better with the chassis. I was curious about the truck intake because they are plentiful and can be had for cheaper than the ls1 or ls6 variants.That and it is rumored that they flow almost as well as the ls6 manifold. So, are you saying that the truck fuel rails have a fuel regulator at the rail versus integrated into the fuel pump? I will have to keep that in mind when I go parts shopping. I plan on fabricating my own mounts similar to yours, I can't stand paying money for something I am capable of doing with a little bit of time. Ultimately the plans for the car is to force feed the 4.8 with a T76 with Megasquirt orchestrating the whole show. If it makes 400-500 horses I will be tickled pink; I feel like that is a pretty attainable goal. There is no telling when I will have the chance to get to it though, between the house projects and keeping up my fleet of family cars I seldom have time to tinker. lol
  6. 480Z - cheap 2+2 build

    I like the quick progress! I have a 280Z that is waiting to have a 4.8 slapped in it on a budget. Did the truck manifold have any major issues fitting? I know most ditch it for the lower profile car manifold for hood clearance.
  7. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl

  8. Lowrider's 260z

    Picture hosting test post.
  9. Lowrider's 260z

    Photobucket has completely bombed this build thread. In the next day or so, I will be replacing the images and will update what has happened with the car over the past two years.
  10. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I will be donating in the next day or so (funds are a bit tight at the moment). I couldn't imagine the Z community or even the internet without HybridZ. I may not post much anymore but I do lurk daily and I do get inspiration from topics new and old on this forum. It would be a crime to have to take the site down with all of the information it contains.
  11. What type of half shafts/axles are you running? What has been done suspension wise? The reason I ask is I had vibration issues with my 260Z during acceleration only for several years on both the stock suspension, lowering springs, and coilovers. I swapped the differential from the stock R180 to a R200 along with shortening the driver half shaft and still had the vibration on accel only. It wasn't until I converted to CV axles that the vibration went away. I blame it on the half shafts being imbalanced/bad u-joint angles. It only was happening during acceleration because the rear of the car was squatting enough to change the halfshaft angles. That might be something worth checking out.
  12. 1972 240Z Blower Fan

    They make both forward and backward curved blades. It depends on the flow characteristics one wants out of the system. I would check to see that the motors rotate in the same direction and not worry about it.
  13. HX35w Housing Question

    Place called Tims Turbos on eBay. I looked and it looks like they are no longer on eBay but a Google search turned up their website. If I remember correctly the housing wasn't terribly expensive either. The only caveat is the fact that the housing doesn't have provisions to be internally wastegated. I welded on an external wastegate on the manifold under the turbo flange when I installed it.
  14. HX35w Housing Question

    I ran the 12cm^2 exhaust housing on my 260z for several years before replacing it with a .68ar housing. The 12cm^2 housing worked but had a little more lag than I liked. I was getting peak manifold pressure of 18 psi by 4300-4500 RPM on an N42 bottom end and a p79 head with a stock C cam. I cant comment on the larger 16cm^2 housing, but I personally wouldn't want anything with a higher boost threshold.. Since changing to the .68ar housing, I am reaching 18psi by 3300-3500 now; which I feel is perfect. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Wigenout-S30's Z

    Be prepared for people to walk to the passenger side of the car to find the turbo now. It happens to me all the time. I love the progress! The car is looking great!