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  1. Motivational

    What is the Z independent rear suspension ET record?

    From what I have read RIPS was a tubbed solid axle with a small block chevy before they did the swap.
  2. Searched over and over for the 1/4 mile ET record for a Z with stock style independent suspension? Are 8's possible? What is the best 60ft times? Links would be nice of the cars too.
  3. Motivational

    Post Craigslist/Ebay links here- West Coast

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pts/2354198229.html Misc. parts I don't need for my race car. Local pick up only.
  4. Motivational

    Wanted: Hood release cable

    I have one in my car in Long Beach. Come take it out and you can have it. I am making a race car and don't need it.
  5. Motivational

    WTB. 240Z Left Front fender

    Looking for a nice condition 240z left front fender with no body filler or rust in so cal. The one I have has some body filler but looks good. It won't look so good after it gets media blasted so I would rather get one with no bondo. Thanks. mike
  6. Motivational

    STOCK 240z Front struts only WTB

    Got the struts today. Thanks again Rimal.
  7. Motivational

    STOCK 240z Front struts only WTB

    Stock? As in no aftermarket inserts installed correct? If so PM me so we can set this up to meet in Irvine. Thanks,Mike
  8. Motivational

    Holley Electric Fuel pump , Griffen Radiator

    I'll take the radiator. I am in Long Beach. Call me (562)896-0993 and we can meet somewhere. Mike
  9. Motivational

    STOCK 240z Front struts only WTB

    Looking for a set of old good used STOCK 240z front struts. Don't want any with aftermarket inserts please. Prefer local pick up but will consider if shipping is required. Thanks, Mike
  10. Motivational

    CJBrian's V8 71 240Z

    That doesnt look too good.
  11. Motivational

    R230 and 1200+ horsepower

    I only race stock suspension classes.
  12. Motivational

    R230 and 1200+ horsepower

    Yes, I have already looked at their stuff. The install kit looks good. I want better stub axles and shafts. Modern motorsports stub axles look pretty good but I don't know if they can handle the power either. Has anyone broke the R230? I think I read somewhere the stub axles have failed with a lot of power. This is one of my Corvette with IRS and 8.6 inch M/T ET Street tires.
  13. Like the title says, I am putting my small block chevy motor from my vette or camaro in the Z. I have indepedent suspension in my Vettes and have not had any problems. I have about $7500 in the rears and was hoping i could get my stock style 240z suspenion to do the same. So far I have a R230 from a 90 300ZX TT. Trying to figure out what to do next. I've gone 8.60's @ 164.49mph with my motor in a 600lbs heavier car than the 240Z. I can't find anyone who has put this much power through this stock type set up. I see there are a few companies for stub axles,axles,cv shafts but is it doable with available parts or am I going to have to reinvent everything like we have for my vettes? Thanks for any input. www.motivational.net
  14. Motivational

    What are the stock 280+2 spring rates

    So, I guess this info isn't available for the stock springs. I thought some guru would have this in his knowledge base. I'll keep looking.
  15. Motivational

    CJBrian's V8 71 240Z

    What was the name of the shop that blasted and primed it for you? It's looking good.