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  1. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    IMO the rear end is a little too plain without a bumper.
  2. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Can you post some more pics showing how it all goes together?
  3. How the hell did you get it to weigh that little? Granted it has no hood, airdam, or bumper in that pic, but still. That's a good 200lbs lighter than I would've expected. Empty tank? A full tank would add about 100lbs. With a turbo swap and associated parts, heavy (?) seats, big heavy wheels, R200 diff, disc brakes, etc. I never would've guessed that weight. 2260 is about what a stock series one would weigh with no fuel. Well anyway, everything looks good! Also, I spy another Z. What's up with that?
  4. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I do think that HybridZ's rather strict rules, put into place by admins that are no longer active, has been a double edged sword for the forum. This is probably the most puritan forum I've ever been on, with even the non-tech section having had threads closed because they weren't on topic, which IMO creates a pretty uptight atmosphere - mind you this was a long time ago, and I think HBZ is a bit more relaxed now. IMO, a strong OT section will cause a forum to be stronger overall, since the OT section is where you can just BS and chit chat, and that will keep people coming to the forum who otherwise wouldn't stick around just for pure tech info. On the other hand, the quality of the posters here, with poorer posters having been weeded out by strict rules, has made this place a great resource for info. I started browsing classiczcars last year, and I've noticed that when I check in for the first time each day, CZC has probably 30-50% more new posts than HBZ does. I'm wondering if there will come a point in time that it might be a good idea to simply combine the two forums - not sure how you'd do that. Regarding people on FB complaining that they got banned - they probably got banned for a reason. I've seen the state of the Datsun FB pages, and it's effing appalling. Same with the E30 pages. As for the idea of forcing people to register, post, etc. I think that would only kill the forum faster. Going back to my comment about the strict rules being a double edged sword is our "search first" rule. Yes, it requires people to search for something that has already been posted, rather than causing someone to have to repeat themselves over and over again, but if these people are searching, and finding an answer, they aren't posting. That's probably how I get 95% of my questions answered, without having to make a single post. Good as an info resource, bad for the life of the forum. This is, again, why I believe in having an OT section. I think part of the reason FB if so popular, outside of instant gratification, is just that it basically becomes a one stop shop. No need to sign up to a bunch of different websites, just find a group that's on site you're already on. This is one thing I like about Instagram is that I can follow a bunch of builds (or anything really) really easily with all of them being in one place, many of which might have previously been posted on forums that I wouldn't be on. Also I'm not sure how many people use an actual computer anymore vs their phone, and since FB has a phone app, it just makes it convenient compared to a forum. I'm not sure having 350Z/370Z subforums would help much since those platforms have been out for a while now, and have their own forums (my350Z, etc). Regional forums would be cool. That's something that people have asked for in the past, but the admin weren't on board with the idea.
  5. 74 260Z forged 363 (6.0L) swap lots of goodies

    Maybe a video of you ripping through the gears would help it sell
  6. Citroen SM

    Did we even get those over here?
  7. Tim's 302Z

    gnosez posted those pictures of that old race car if I'm not mistaken.
  8. 240Z VQ37HR Swap

    Looks like some quality work being done there!
  9. Del-A-Lum LCA bushings

    I stumbled on this a while back. I think it was something Monzter did. Thought it was an interesting design, mostly because I've never seen anyone else do it.
  10. Just stumbled on these. Haven't seen these mentioned here, so I thought I'd give you all a heads up. I don't think I've seen anyone sell a control arm with this design before. Anyway, here they are: http://www.apexengineered.com/store/p2/240z%2F260z%2F280z_Rear_Control_Arms.html Looks like it's their first product, too.
  11. Shakotan Z

    Okay, how on earth did you do this?
  12. Just ran into this issue. Decided to PM him instead, and there was no text box there either.
  13. My Datsun 240z Restoration

    Yeah, I'd guess it was hit.
  14. 280ZX at Bathurst

    Maybe I'm mistaken, did you not have a manually shifted (paddle shifted?) automatic in there? I guess that setup didn't work out. About how much power? What does it weigh? Looks pretty damn quick.