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  1. '72 240Z Restomod Project [Video Build]

    Wow. You really went at it. I don't think I've ever seen anyone go that far into the chassis. Kind of nice to see since that's the effort it would take to really properly fix the series 1 chassis I have since I have rust in the seam between the inner and outer wheel housings. I'll sub and do a little binge of your videos later.
  2. Nice straight body on that one. Sounds fantastic though. Kind of seems like the footage is sped up a little?
  3. Gas Monkey 280z at SEMA

    Challenger has a dark gray 2+2, and Toni L has a wicked 2+2 in white. Careless never had a 2+2.
  4. The slippery slope

    I believe that's why we now have what is referred to as the magnet test. Oh well. Too late now. Best of luck! To be honest though, it looks like it's more solid than my '76 is, at least based on the floors. Might want to take up the tar before saying for certain though.
  5. 1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

    Yep, I think you're gonna regret selling. Sounds like you've got the room. Set it to the side, and fix the motor when you've got some time. Also, if you don't sell it, you'll have something to put in the new shop.
  6. Rear Bumper Patch?

    I wanted to make sure I was remembering that correctly so I tracked down the source: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/110898-rust-repair-on-a-1972-240z/
  7. Rear Bumper Patch?

    Be aware that this piece will need some fitting to work. The original piece is slightly curved, and based on what I've heard, that replacement piece is straight. I would try to fix the original piece before cutting it out and welding.
  8. $500 just to include the windshield? Unless it was a perfect OE windshield (no idea if those command a premium), I can't see that being worth that.
  9. Unless something changed, Ground Control offers a service to convert your struts to coilovers as well.
  10. engine choice

  11. Mishimoto Radiator for 280z?

    I don't think it's the engine as much as it is the chassis. The lower part of the radiator support is different on 280Zs vs 240Zs. I don't believe a 280Z radiator will fit in a 240Z (I think I tried this once), I'm not sure about the reverse, haven't tried it. I would expect it to physically fit (no guarantee), but bolt holes may be different.
  12. Nissan S30 Fairlady Z Japan market

    Need to be a donating member. $20 minimum.
  13. New Moderators

    Hey guys, I am seeing a need for some new moderators. Many of our current moderators no longer visit here regularly (as far as I can see), and sadly, two of them have passed away as well. Personally, I'd nominate SeattleJester, NewZed, JMortensen (if willing to take it up again), and Derek. If need be, I'll volunteer as well. Thoughts?
  14. 240Z's at Streets of Willow

    Awesome! Any video from the event?
  15. Seeking diesel S30's

    I recall hearing about a turbo diesel 240z that ran on biodiesel years ago, but I have no idea where it might be now, or if it's the car you saw at that show. This is the only reference to it that I could find with a little searching. http://greenyes.grrn.org/2004/09/msg00087.html While searching, I also found these two: