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  1. Advice on plan for my 76 s30

    Well, yes, but generally speaking, people won't be doing that lol. The floors don't really have to do much. They have to keep the weather out, provide a little bit of structure, and they have to support your feet resting on them. Contrary to what some people think (looking at you, previous owners), the floors are not a jacking point, and aren't intended to be able to lift up the car. 20 gauge will do that job fine. Don't add weight where you don't need it. I believe the aftermarket floors available are 18 gauge anyway, so unless you make your own, it's a moot point. And yes, if you make your own, put some beads in 'em. Big difference in stiffness.
  2. V10 240Z build on YouTube

    I just hate to see a Z go to waste for likes on youtube and instagram (or any other reason), which seems to be a theme now. Just to be clear, with regards to engineering ability, I didn't mean just mounting the things on the car, I meant doing it such that they actually work well.
  3. Advice on plan for my 76 s30

    Congrats on the kid! It's kind of hard to quantify exactly how much reinforcement you'll need for that power, so you're not going to get a straight answer. Also depends what you're gonna do with the car. At a minimum, you should look up John C's list of what you can do to reinforce a street car, and start with that. I wouldn't bother using thicker sheet metal for the floor pans. It isn't going to add any needed strength, so mostly it's just going to be harder to form, and it's going to add a bit of dead weight.
  4. V10 240Z build on YouTube

    Okay, I didn't see the M5 reveal video. I just subbed to him yesterday. I'm with you on power, with the way I drive, I'd be dead in a week with 500hp. And the Z needs so much work to be able to handle 500hp really well, that I don't think it's really a good candidate for that kind of build. 300hp is probably the sweet spot for a Z. Not slow, but not so powerful that it's out of control. I also left a comment on the video that appears to have gotten some traction, and it looks like I'm not the only one to complain about the wheelbase. We'll see what he says. I don't know if he reads comments or not, and there's a LOT of comments. I've seen a shortened Z by some guy in Malaysia or something that did an AWD RB swap. Looks as stupid as you'd expect. From what I'm reading here and in his comments section, it doesn't sound like he has a clue about engineering anything, and mostly does basic, not terribly well done aesthetic stuff.
  5. V10 240Z build on YouTube

    Alright, I just saw his second video, describing the plans for this thing. Sounds like it's going to be some frankensteined disaster. He's moving the front wheels back some 5", and swapping a newer, wider, larger interior into it, as well as a suspension that is, from what I gather, about 8" wider, or 4" per side. And a target weight of 3000-3500lbs. So, it's going to be a Goofy looking, short, wide something-or-other, with no visual cohesion (old car+new interior), too fat to be a sports car, but it won't be a luxury car either because it's got a cage, and I'd take a guess it'll drive like crap too.
  6. V10 240Z build on YouTube

    Yeah, where did you get the idea he's turbocharging it from? I don't think I heard him suggest that. 1000hp would be just silly - a waste IMO.
  7. V10 240Z build on YouTube

    Yeah, kinda makes sense though. Being a V10, it should fit lengthwise pretty easily, and Datsuns have been V8 swapped enough that I don't think width is too much of an issue. I think even the behemoth twin cam 4.6 Ford motors fit in these cars, although only just. Pretty sure someone did that swap.
  8. V10 240Z build on YouTube

    B is for Build on YouTube just bought a 240Z to put a BMW V10 into. Should be interesting.
  9. My Carbon Fibre 280z!

    How in the hell did you get a late model 280Z to weigh 2231lbs? Without carbon parts it weighed 2330lbs? That's on the light side even for a 240Z, with a full tank.
  10. 240z Headliner too small

  11. 240Z VQ37HR Swap

    Yeah that's definitely too low. Looks like the flare lip is actually lower than the fender lip - a good indication that the flares are too low.
  12. 240z RB26 Track Spec Build

    Yeah, I'd look into getting it blasted or dipped.
  13. Project 240Z Turbo ITB Install

    I believe I saw the ITBs from this build for sale recently, so, I'd say probably not.
  14. If you only want to run a finned diff cover, why not just have a new piece made? No need to replace anything but the piece getting in the way.
  15. New!!!

    She has this link in her bio: carfromjapan. com/cheap-used-cars-for-sale Her location says Japan, but her name couldn't be any less Japanese. Intro post is generic, makes no mention of Zs, or even cars, neither does her profile. I'd put money on it being a spammer.