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  1. rturbo 930

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Rule #5 guys, I normally woudn't care, but a huge chunk of this thread is in German.
  2. I've seen the odd Z with a VIN that doesn't quite match its build date. That one isn't all that far off. I don't really know for sure, but yeah, I'm guessing it got held up for some reason. Someone more knowledgeable can confirm, or correct me.
  3. rturbo 930

    Which CV kits are best for an R200 240Z?

    I believe it has been offered to the public as of only yesterday, so no, I certainly don't know anyone personally running one, it appears the only people running the kit at the moment are people who are close to ZCG. At a glance, I think it's a better kit than what Wolf Creek offers. Regarding the mustache bar, I don't know if there's a benefit to the aftermarket units available that I'm not aware of, perhaps there is, but it's not on my shopping list. Money better spent elsewhere IMO. Maybe you will expose a weakness of the stock mustache bar with 800hp, but I'm thinking you probably won't with 300 or less. I could be wrong, of course. Regarding the drop mounts, I believe I've heard that the stock ones are a bit flexible, but I think this can be solved with some simple reinforcement. I recall John C talking about this somewhere on here, but I'm stretching my memory a bit.
  4. rturbo 930

    Which CV kits are best for an R200 240Z?

    ZCarGarage just came out with a new bolt in CV kit that looks promising. http://www.zcarblog.com/2018/06/08/performance/parts-z-car-garage-cv-axles.html Not cheap though.
  5. rturbo 930

    New here with a question.

    $20 is the minimum, you can donate using the "Donate" tab at the top of the page, right next to the calendar.
  6. Do you have welding and fab experience? I wouldn't consider replacing the rocker to be easy, probably not a good first job, but doable if you're smart. Look really hard at the inside of the rocker, especially at the front and rear, you might find something that is not visible from the outside, or from a quick inspection. Additionally, if you do go through with a full rocker replacement, be aware that the replacement panel, due to how it is formed and what I imagine is a less than perfect die, tends to have a split at the crease in the rocker where the front fender meets the rocker, and this will need to be welded up. Tabco panels aren't very good, so as a general rule of thumb, if you don't need to use it, don't.
  7. Is that all the rust there is, just on the top? Have you checked other areas inside the rocker to see if there is other rust? If that's all there is, I would just bend up some sheet metal to patch with and sell the rocker. The top of mine is kinda wavy, really not a great piece.
  8. rturbo 930

    Barking Problem

    She's made about seven posts, all of them very generic, and non-Z related. This is the behavior of a bot/spammer, yet I see nothing advertised... wtf.
  9. rturbo 930

    Rear Hatch Sill Replace it or wait it out.

    Dude, that's a terrible goal. Do the job properly, or don't bother. If you can't afford to do it properly now, wire wheel the rust, and treat it with naval jelly to stop it. That will at least buy you some time.
  10. rturbo 930

    72 Kgc10 GTX build tread

    Glad you're making a build thread. I like that gen of Skyline, and the twin cam head will be icing on top. Can't wait to see it unfold.
  11. rturbo 930

    Nelsonian 240z

    Any thoughts on gusseting your cage to the roof? I've heard it helps.
  12. rturbo 930

    Do my springs look right?

    Tokico springs? Read this. Pictures are gone unfortunately.
  13. Welcome! Those headers look like a tight fit.
  14. What do you mean? Series one cars go all the way up to 1/71 build dates.
  15. rturbo 930

    List of S30 mods

    I think I might have to steal that one, grannyknot.