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  1. rturbo 930

    Paul Newman Championship Racecar on Sale!

    Is that Adam Carolla's? If so I'm surprised he's selling it. If not, I bet it will be his soon.
  2. Might want to verify your rear end ratio before you go changing things. Stock 240Z rear end is 3.36, going to a 4:11 is only going to make the problem worse. If you do indeed have the stock 3.36 rear end, I would look at changing the transmission, since a taller gear isn't going to be easy to find. Sort of a common problem for 24V swaps into E30s as well, since the stock rear end usually ends up being geared too low.
  3. rturbo 930

    Fairlady Z06

    Saw this thing on YouTube, Pretty sick looking. Super low and super wide.
  4. rturbo 930

    Ron Tyler diff mount installed

    If I'm not mistaken, option #2 was actually developed to address driveline angles in V8 swapped cars, so if you use that option, you'll be changing your driveline angles slightly. You should do further research to confirm that that is true.
  5. I think you said you were going to cage the car? If this is going to be a street car, I think you need to rethink that idea, unless you were referring to a half cage with A pillar or roof bars. Zs are small cars, and a cage is not a good idea in anything but a track car. There's a lot you can do to stiffen the chassis without a full cage.
  6. I understand the weight issue, which is why I suggested the M54 and N54. M54 you would have to turbo yourself, N54 is already boosted from the factory (which I think would help the chances of a reliable swap), since both are aluminum block, and not too heavy as far as straight sixes go. If I were going to swap in a 4cyl, I think it would be a Honda K24. It wouldn't be a torque monster, but they're great motors. With the N54, you could convert to single turbo to drop some weight. S54 is a heavy motor, which is why I didn't bring it up.
  7. I saw in your other post you don't like the L28 turbo. Why not? Sounds like it'll do everything you want it to, and it'll be the easiest swap out of any of those. Aside from that, what about a turbo BMW motor? An M52, M54, or if you want a challenge, N54. Should be easy to find any of those motors where you are.
  8. May have to do with the length of the exhaust tip. Extend it out a bit and see if it improves.
  9. rturbo 930

    New guy from across the pond

    That only applies to California. I'll also add, having seen a bare 240Z chassis and a bare 280Z chassis, there's a clear improvement in the 280Z chassis.
  10. rturbo 930

    240Z Battery Area Advice

    Got a brand of primer/paint you like? Gonna be needing some soon. Anyway, I agree. You need to take out the battery tray. After that, I'd probably hit it with a wire wheel, apply naval jelly to the rust, and then prime/paint.
  11. rturbo 930

    New guy from across the pond

    Welcome. Have I seen you on R3vlimited?
  12. I suspect they're Wats, but can't confirm. Most likely 16". Don't think Wats are available in 17" anyway.
  13. rturbo 930

    Thoughts on this s30 project

    A huge chunk of your strut tower is missing, and if I didn't know better, one of the frame rails looks kinked. Actually, looking again, it looks like both frame rails are kinked. Was this thing in a collision? Looks like a big project.
  14. rturbo 930


    New wheels look good!
  15. What? Loads of people run 16s dude. It's a popular size for older cars, since they're not as big or heavy as 17s, but can fit bigger brakes than 15s, and also have a bit better tire selection.