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  1. Help me value 280z with L28ET swap

    The clunk is probably the rear diff mount. Do a search here. Really common problem, and pretty easy to solve. As for the value of the car, I don't really keep up on these things and I'm totally out of the loop at this point. First, find out what a bone stock '78 280Z is worth. I'm not sure if they're up to 10k. these days, but it wouldn't be overly surprising if they were. Then factor in the swap. It looks pretty clean and well done. Assuming it is, how much is that worth to you? It takes away from originality, but adds in performance. Depending who you ask, the swap could be a benefit or a drawback. Exactly what condition is the car in? It's stock, but is it stock, and extremely well maintained? Or will you need to go through and do all the bushings, hoses, and who knows what else? Also, how well does this car fit with what you want to do with it? If you plan on doing a bunch of body and interior work, it might be better to find a rougher one that's cheaper. Regarding the rust, you need to be much more specific. Rust that looks minor can be some easily fixed, or just the tip of the iceberg. I'd be more concerned about the rust than the three issues you mentioned. I'm thinking the asking price might be a bit high. Not really sure, but if I had to come up with a number, I'm thinking something that starts with a seven. Take that with a grain of salt. However, given that a car like this (fairly clean, turbo swap, otherwise stock) isn't going to come up very often, ultimately I think it comes down to how badly you want it, and how much you value having a car NOW vs having to wait to find another, possibly traveling to see it, etc. I'm a bit impatient, and I personally don't mind paying a little more just to have something to work with right now, rather than waste time searching and waiting just to save a few bucks. Bonus points if it's local and easy to go check it out.
  2. Thanks for the response. Unless I'm missing something, it seems that instead of simply clicking on unread content, I would have to go to the activities tab and click on that stream every time.That's not very convenient, and I don't know why it would be like that now when it wasn't before - they fixed something that wasn't broken.
  3. I've been having this problem on CZC since they updated their software, and also now here as well since we've done the same. When I try to filter my unread content feed to just 'Topics' under the Content Type menu, and hit 'save changes', it never actually saves those changes. If I navigate to the forum home page, and then hit 'unread content', the feed is unfiltered again. When I first started using this feature on CZC, pre-update, the settings I selected were saved and that was that. Any ideas? Additionally, I've noticed that page numbers for multi-page topics are now gone from the unread content listing. It would be nice if there was a button to simply go to the last page (or whichever page) like there used to be. These buttons are still present in when browsing in the various sub forums.
  4. Selling 240z, how much?

    I'm not sure if the purist is really the target market here, given that the shock towers have been cut for camber plates, and it has bad dog frame rails welded in.
  5. Looking good. But I can't help but find it a little funny (or a little scary) that a business in Switzerland has an English business name. Talk about foreign influence, lol.
  6. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    The painted sugar scoops with headlight covers look good, but I don't like the vinyl. Partly because it's stark white and doesn't really match your paint, but personally I just don't really like the idea. Takes away from the purpose of blacking out the sugar scoops IMO. Let us know how you like the LED headlights. As much as I like the idea of LED headlights, I don't know if I can get past the look of them. Are those the Trucklite(?) brand lights?
  7. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Welcome! I thought your name seemed familiar but it took me a moment to place it. If I remember right, you did a video of a track day with Jack Olsen. Anyway - I've added you to my subscriptions list to follow the build.
  8. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    Yeah, regarding the boxer swap, until someone actually gets it done and running, I'm not counting it. The purple V8 car you're talking about is the same one I was referring to, BTW. It belongs to a guy named Kevin Mackrell. I managed to find the other one I was talking about. The track width and wheel base make it look really wonky. http://jdm-culture.com/adree-hamid-r32-in-disguised-s30-240z/ Also, while looking, I managed to find mention of a third AWD Z, posted on this very forum. This one actually looks really impressive. Fourth post, by OlderThanMe.
  9. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    Who did a boxer? As for AWD, I can think of exactly two off the top of my head. One is the 2+2 V8 racer from Australia, the other is some hack job from Thailand or something where they shortened the wheelbase by several inches. I think they basically swapped the Skyline front and rear suspension + driveline in, as is. Looks awful. IMO, if you want either a boxer or AWD, just get something that has it already. Trying to put them in a Z is like putting a square peg in a round hole.
  10. Trying to make a 280z daily drivable.

    Louvered inspection lids are also an option.
  11. 240Z - Snailed style

    Interesting engine choice. Not many people swap those in, given their size and weight. Is this going to be a drag car? Looking forward to updates. If you want to make your own thread, at the top right of each sub forum is a black button that says "Start New Topic." Click on that and go from there.
  12. That looks like a very nice car to start with. I'll be following your restoration for sure.
  13. The plugs on my 12/70 240z look just like yours.
  14. Looking for New Steering Rack Feedback

    I think what he's saying is no, he doesn't have it. Likely has no clue there's a difference.
  15. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    Could do a tube chassis based car, like an ariel atom/exocet/etc. Would be light, and you'd have a clean slate rather than having to retrofit everything.