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  1. My Z

    Random shots of my Z in progress
  2. Is this site dead?

    Still here.. still lurking..I hope to someday contribute something useful that hasn't been already addressed here. Thanks HybridZ
  3. RIP John Coffey (johnc)

    RIP John C, Thank you for your posts.
  4. 240z performance suspension.

    you have a PM
  5. Progress on Idle Air Control - 75% of the way there

    Since the topic came up I've contemplated on adding a IAC valve, only I am having trouble trying to understand where it goes I'm looking at a 97 Ford Taurus IAC and I just cant picture where it would mount to, or how... Would you guys mind sharing which IAC valve you have used and/or post some pictures?
  6. WTB : R200 clsd 87-89 z31

    If anyone is lookin to get rid one one And... just incase anyone reads this far Im looking for turn signal sockets for a 240z, both sides thanks!
  7. Pictures of type 1 air dam on 280z?

    edit - I cant read.
  8. WTB : 240Z turn signal bulb Sockets

    Im after the both "pigtails" for the turn signals. If anyone has some laying around Shoot me a price shipped Located in San Diego, CA 92109 Thanks
  9. Progress on Idle Air Control - 75% of the way there

    Thank all you guys Rossman, KTM & BRAAP. I haven't had time to play with my setup for awhile so unfortunately I have nothing to add just that im having startup issues but I have no IAC. Im happy to see that your still playing with Wolf cause i find it hard to find support. I hope maybe this summer I find some time.... Good Luck Rossman
  10. ZG Flare Options

    I run 275s under my regular zg flares no problem. 17 x 10.5 with 5.5 backspacing
  11. PGW Autoglass windshield?

    PGW (Pittsburgh glass works) is PPG(Pittsburgh paint & Glass) very good quality glass. I have the same in my z
  12. Hello and Please Help with my 280Z

    duh! I didn't read correctly.
  13. Exhaust options