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  1. eec564

    What killed my transmission?

    Oddly enough, this thread is still very relevant. I ended up changing to full-synthetic fluid and all noise went away. Then three weeks ago, all of a sudden, there was a clunk while I was parking and first and reverse don't first or reverse any more. Other gears still work, but I've got her parked while looking for a transmission that doesn't cost more than I paid for the car in the first place.
  2. Post go here: And... Fixed Double fixed.
  3. Looks like it's just going to be my GF and I, my friend has to work. I'll be bringing my usual compliment of lawn chairs and will see about some sodas and paper towels. -Eric
  4. Looking to by a 5-speed transmission for a non-turbo first-gen 300ZX. Any FS5W71C for a Z31 should work fine. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland specifically, but can drive around. -Eric
  5. Congratulations Nathan! I'm in! Should be me plus two, just one Z though.
  6. Your car isn't toast, it is a car. When your car pops up all browned and crunchy, ready for butter, you should suspect it's toast. Get the factory service manual for the car, read it, love it. Especially the parts about the front suspension. Take a look at the TC rod, also called the strut rod. It should be securely bolted to the rear of the wheel well, and to the front suspension. If the nut on the back of it falls of, the rod breaks, or the sheet metal it normally attaches to rips out, it could cause the wheel to move forward. Definitely get under the car and take a GOOD look around, a real sanity check, but be EXTRA careful under it, as if you suspect suspension parts are loose, jacking/holding points that normally would/should be solid will not be.
  7. eec564

    You know, I'm not threatened by these guys

    I'd like to see how they'd fare against a belt-fed machine gun that fires flaming chainsaws.
  8. eec564

    Train-wreck from under the hood

    Couldn't one just check the timing on the car? If the damper were slipping around the hub, the mark would be WAY off, and moving while the squealing it happening.
  9. eec564

    Scotch Drinkers Unite: Your Favorites

    I came across this in my various travels through the web. I wouldn't take it as writ, but it's an interesting opinion read. Names quite a few nice single malts to give you a good starting list. http://www.charm.net/~kmarsh/scotch.html -Eric
  10. eec564

    Train-wreck from under the hood

    Are you sure? In what way?
  11. eec564

    Train-wreck from under the hood

    I second the alternator belt slipping theory. The Z31s seem to want more tension in the alternator belt than even called for in the manual to not slip when under a heavy electrical load. It's a rather tiny belt, and the alternator can load the contact area really hard, there's not a lot of wrap around the pulley so it can slip fairly easily. Most newer cars have idler pulleys to wrap the belt around at least 50% of the alternator pulley. It makes sense to have more slippage in cold weather or with any additional electrical loads, as your battery voltage will drop and want more of a boost to bring back the power you used to start the car. The voltage doesn't seem to drop as the alternator is putting out enough power, it's just working extra hard and is having trouble stealing enough power from the belt to keep up.
  12. eec564

    Member Photo Albums

    The default category is "HybridZ Cars", so that does need to be changed when posting from the Gallery tab in the User CP.
  13. eec564

    Member Photo Albums

    Under "Category" below Album Description, choose "Members Albums". That works for me. I also had the "Public Album" box checked. -Eric
  14. eec564

    Member Photo Albums

    What category were you trying to create it in? Try the "Members Albums" category. Also, see here: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/topic/89158-new-site-information-problems-and-questions/