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  1. 1 tuff z

    Top chop update

    Been following for years and anxiously awaiting the finale - absolutely love it, congrats!
  2. 1 tuff z

    Carbon Fiber Weber/Mikuni Velocity Stacks

    Bringing this back, I purchased Clive's set awhile back. Had taken my Z to have some work done and the mech didn't properly tighten the stacks and lost two. I purchased stainless replacements and am selling the remaining four. Have five filters [so you get an extra]. They are 4" long and for the 45mm Webers. Asking $75 shipped for 4 stacks & 5 filters. Email me if interested; [email protected]
  3. Chris, I'm still in for a set as they'll look great on my 72 Fairlady Z once the restoration is completed!
  4. 1 tuff z

    LS/T56/240z Project Mentor Wanted

    Keith, If I remember correctly our rear spoilers are very similar. Purchased mine from Brian K. . Link to his website: http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/dt73726/pd2155023/ZCC__ZG_R__REAR_SPOILER_
  5. 1 tuff z

    Prospect-D Replacement Panels

    Simply amazing work!
  6. 1 tuff z

    2 4 0 Z L S 1

    Try U-Line for boxes. For the Fairlady reproduction grill I found a box to fit nearly perfect and, when purchased in modest quantity were much less expensive than I thought and more convenient that making the box from a sheet of cardboard.
  7. 1 tuff z

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    Alain, Wizard Cooling in Buffalo? If so I had Scott [owner] build the rad for my LS swap 10 years ago [had to bring him an old Z rad for the mounting dimensions] and it's been great. He asked how I would drive it and expected horsepower and added a few tweaks at my request. I must say the rad is very well build and don't anticipate replacement, ever...
  8. Don't remember the paint brand but looked and it's from primer, that rust colored variety. I don't recall gluing or otherwise and tried to remove it but not coming off easily.
  9. Andy, ironic we discovered the same thing albeit a few years apart. I needed to cap my heater box when putting the boost gauge in the left eyeball vent and found a spray can cap fit perfectly, been there ever since the early 90's!
  10. Hoping someone will make them, they'll look great on my 72 Fairlady Z!
  11. Andy, I believe [referring to the rear trim panels] that is what's called "lack of attention to detail"...
  12. 1 tuff z

    Wtb: vented inspection lids

    I have a pair, bare metal, louvered, ready to paint. Email me: [email protected]
  13. Odd, I can't get the video to play.
  14. 1 tuff z

    ZCON 2016

    It was the oil pump failing. Replaced and running great. Rumor is Texas for 2017.
  15. 1 tuff z

    ZCON 2016

    Will do but am skipping the kiss Mad Mike thing!