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  1. Top chop update

    Been following for years and anxiously awaiting the finale - absolutely love it, congrats!
  2. Carbon Fiber Weber/Mikuni Velocity Stacks

    Bringing this back, I purchased Clive's set awhile back. Had taken my Z to have some work done and the mech didn't properly tighten the stacks and lost two. I purchased stainless replacements and am selling the remaining four. Have five filters [so you get an extra]. They are 4" long and for the 45mm Webers. Asking $75 shipped for 4 stacks & 5 filters. Email me if interested; palermodavid13@gmail.com
  3. Chris, I'm still in for a set as they'll look great on my 72 Fairlady Z once the restoration is completed!
  4. LS/T56/240z Project Mentor Wanted

    Keith, If I remember correctly our rear spoilers are very similar. Purchased mine from Brian K. . Link to his website: http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/dt73726/pd2155023/ZCC__ZG_R__REAR_SPOILER_
  5. Prospect-D Replacement Panels

    Simply amazing work!
  6. 2 4 0 Z L S 1

    Try U-Line for boxes. For the Fairlady reproduction grill I found a box to fit nearly perfect and, when purchased in modest quantity were much less expensive than I thought and more convenient that making the box from a sheet of cardboard.
  7. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Alain, Wizard Cooling in Buffalo? If so I had Scott [owner] build the rad for my LS swap 10 years ago [had to bring him an old Z rad for the mounting dimensions] and it's been great. He asked how I would drive it and expected horsepower and added a few tweaks at my request. I must say the rad is very well build and don't anticipate replacement, ever...
  8. Don't remember the paint brand but looked and it's from primer, that rust colored variety. I don't recall gluing or otherwise and tried to remove it but not coming off easily.
  9. Andy, ironic we discovered the same thing albeit a few years apart. I needed to cap my heater box when putting the boost gauge in the left eyeball vent and found a spray can cap fit perfectly, been there ever since the early 90's!
  10. Hoping someone will make them, they'll look great on my 72 Fairlady Z!
  11. Andy, I believe [referring to the rear trim panels] that is what's called "lack of attention to detail"...
  12. Wtb: vented inspection lids

    I have a pair, bare metal, louvered, ready to paint. Email me: palermodavid13@gmail.com
  13. Odd, I can't get the video to play.
  14. ZCON 2016

    It was the oil pump failing. Replaced and running great. Rumor is Texas for 2017.
  15. ZCON 2016

    Will do but am skipping the kiss Mad Mike thing!