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  1. Roll bar/cage etc That's far too extreme for a roadcar (and probably a pain to climb through). I was thinking of a half-cage behind the seats (like those Porsche sticks in their GT3/GT2 road cars), and maybe a bar to the front for some side-protection. I had a halo-bar in mind for the added safety, but actually backed off that plan since I'm not really planning to run a butt-naked interior (and don't know if I want to cut the dash to bits). So it's probably going to be closer to this than to this. Just something to hit your head on in a street car. Or you can wear a helmet on the street.
  2. You seem to have several conflicting design approaches in mind. Asking for opinions will net you as many opinions as there are HybridZ members. Suggest you research HybridZ and Google for German Z car builds (many). This will help you scope the project according to German market, regulations, part availability and etc. In the end your project will be defined by: Local regulations Budget Skill level Project plan (suggest a "Build spread sheet" listing all costs and part numbers broken down by system such as engine, drive train, suspension, brakes etc)
  3. Check this out: Contact the OP "ezzzzzzz" and see how the 280zx calipers worked out.
  4. Here is an option I looked at: Mustang rear calipers with parking brake. https://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-240z/brake-upgrades/stage-4-rear-big-brake-kit
  5. Given your constraints, and if I lived in Germany, my recommendation would be: Start with a rust free non-modified 240Z. Stock brakes are fine. Rebuild the entire brake system. If available use Carbotech AX6 pads and shoes. Replace all of the rubber suspension bushings with polyurethane Replace springs: Front 180 lb/in Rear 220lb/in. A Z car is low enough, so select springs that maintain stock ride height. Rebuild engine with modifications that meet local codes/rules. Rebuild/upgrade clutch components If allowed, consider a five speed transmission. Research first as there are pros and cons and several transmissions to select from. Upgrade tires and wheels per local codes. Recommend installing the headlight relay harness available from one our members on HybridZ. Your lights will be brighter and you can run higher wattage bulbs. The harness is also available from MSA Motor Sports Auto (MSA). This will give you a very comfortable daily driver that handles well under most driving conditions. Brakes: If you absolutely can't resist doing a "brake upgrade" install the Toyota 4x4 solid front calipers and stop there . The Toyota caliper is made by the same company that made the 240Z caliper so it might get a pass by your code guys.
  6. How will the car be driven? Street only? Race/autocross? What are your constraints? Government regulations Experience Budget Parts availability Shop space What are the common 240Z engine swaps in Germany? Are there 240Z clubs in Germany? Clubs are good source of information Engine swaps, and parts swaps in general, tend to have a domino effect that adds complexity and cost.
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  8. I recall others talking about installing a 280ZX braking system in a 240Z/280Z, but never heard back how it worked out. Hope you will take pictures and report back when you finish the swap. I wonder if there is room to squeeze in the larger 1979 280ZX booster. I am now using Carbotech AX6 pads on a Toyota - 240SX set up on my 240Z. The Carbotech AX6 pads have excellent cold bite and grab hard when hot. They are suitable for street and auto x.
  9. The Maxima swap will not improve stopping performance. And you may end up having to install a larger diameter master cylinder. Do not remove the proportioning valve until you have estimated your front to rear balance/bias based on your final selection of calipers, rotors etc. The Maxima, and similar 240SX rear brake swaps, don't improve performance. Just less drum maintenance. Remember that a proportioning valve reduces pressure. All of the Toyota, 280ZX, 240SX and Maxima brake combinations end up with too much front brake bias i.e, the rear brakes can't keep up with the front brakes. So adding a proportioning valve to the rear brakes will not help unless you are experimenting with front and rear pad choices for off-street racing events.