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  1. Miles

    Broken 4340 Stub Axle threads

    Typical failure point for stock stub axles. My stock axle snapped in the same location at 5 mph while pulling into traffic. So I replaced both axles with the 4340 axles torqued to 180 ft-lb. OK so far. Testing is the only way to know why the axle failed. One option would be to pull the other axle and have it X-Rayed. For the axle that failed, you could have it X-Rayed and lab tested for tensile strength, hardness and chemical composition. Joseph Siam would probably welcome test data to improve his product. Something he should be doing anyway. Attached picture shows typical stub axle failure.
  2. 1972 240Z New Goodwrench crate SBC 350 Holley Carb Hooker block hugger exhaust headers Build date: 2009 Approximately 6,000 miles on build Holley carb, MSD HEI distributor and timing not touched since dyno tune 2009 Car ran fine for nine years , but developed a recent exhaust header leak. Replaced header and flange gaskets and, while I was at it, also replaced the plugs - Accel shorty Plugs gapped at 0.035 At start up, the exhaust makes popping sounds at idle after five minute warm up. No popping when cold. Gets worse the longer the engine idles. Popping gets louder with warm up and is punctuated by a very loud POW at random times. No other changes were made. Checked: Plug wires not mixed up. No arcing around plugs or wires Plug wires tight on plugs and distributor cap Re-tightened header and flange bolts.
  3. Miles

    Sensitive Brake Pedal

    Edit: Perhaps he didn't lengthen the push rod as required for the 280ZX MC swap which would act like a missing reaction disk. He should check that the measurement first and if that doesn't fix the problem go looking for the reaction disk. When I lost my reaction disk I made a new one from a rubber stopper and used JB Weld to fix it to the push rod base permanently. Push rod length per the picture below is 0.53 inch or 13.462 mm from the flange. Note: you do not have to remove the brake pipes to adjust the push rod. Just pull the MC back and push it aside. Push rod adjustment
  4. Miles

    Sensitive Brake Pedal

    Yep reaction disk. Typically falls out while adjusting the push rod length to work with the 280zx master cylinder.
  5. No picture. Pick up a copy of: How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car by Wick Humble. Details how to disassemble, repair and reassemble the 240Z with detailed pictures not available in the FSM. I used this book in restoring my 72 240Z. It saved hours of researching. Can you post a picture of which seal you mean? I can look at my Z or look it up.
  6. Miles

    Door lock

    Again, what happens when the lock button is pulled up? Does the button stay up in the unlocked position? There is a small torsion spring that keeps the lock button up. If that spring fails the door will always be locked. https://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/108890-door-lock-knob-not-staying-up.html
  7. Miles

    Door lock

    Lift the door lock button up. When you let go of the button does it just drop down and lock the door when you release it?
  8. Miles

    350z internals into a 280zx

    Google searched "vq35de 280zx" See: Z-Fever VQ35DE swapped 280ZX post below Includes videos! Z-Fever has a website which includes tech write ups on VQ35 swaps: www.zfever.com Looks complex and expensive. SBC or LS engine swaps into 280Zx cars have been done and install kits are available.
  9. Miles

    350z internals into a 280zx

    Search this site for "vq35de". Lots of data!
  10. Miles

    350z internals into a 280zx

    Keep searching and form a plan. Members will be more likely to help once you can lay out a plan.