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  1. And your plan is......................
  2. On Maxima and 240SX calipers you have to make sure that the bleed valves are pointing straight up to get all of the air out. You can unbolt one side of the caliper and point the bleeder up. You must block the pistons from moving or you will blow them out of the cylinders when you step on the brake.
  3. Does the pedal have long travel and the the brakes come on suddenly? Did you adjust the booster push rod that pushes on the MC piston? If it is too short you will have a long pedal. If it is too long it will cause the brakes to lock up after a few pumps of the pedal. Suggest you research the following HybridZ topics before doing anything more: Booster reaction disk falling out. There is a specific write up on the in the brake or FAQ sections. It is under (next to) your post in the brake FAQ. How to bench bleed a master cylinder. Brake booster push rod adjustment.
  4. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

    There has seemed to be some confusion over different pilot bearing types. There are basically two styles as indicated in the attached pictures. One is a bushing and the other is a bearing. Both styles can be a PITA to remove.
  5. Your stated goal is for a driver and not a project car. So look for a driver that runs and drives reliably. If you want a 280zx try to find a cream puff that someone else has put money into. Otherwise you will be buying a money pit. If you can't do some of the work yourself, the project will become very expensive. Modern mechanics don't know how to work on 38 year old cars. You may have to travel some to find a 280zx that requires minimum repair/replacement. Shipping is an option for out of town cars.
  6. The car is 35 years old. What is your budget for restoration and repair? Do you have the skills to do the repairs?
  7. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

    TYpical car stuff. Post your solution.
  8. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

    Try this blind hole bearing removal tool.
  9. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

  10. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

  11. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

  12. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

    The grease approach only works if you get a good seal around a pilot bushing as with a SBC. On my SBC projects the grease technique worked on the pilot bushing well enough sometimes to move the bushing out enough to get a puller on it. Sometimes I had to chisel a groove in the bushing and then collapse it to get it out. None of this will work with a bearing. Try a different puller. Failing that, you may have to pull the flywheel and take it to a machine shop.
  13. Miles

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

  14. Miles

    SBC 350 headers

    You didn't mention what type of headers you have. But you said that the headers are circular which suggests that you have block hugger style headers such as Hooker etc........................................ I have Hooker block hugger headers on my SBC 350. I have used the oval shaped header gasket for about 16 years. For example: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mrg-5917 Other examples: https://www.holley.com/products/gaskets/header_gaskets/parts/10891HKR The attached picture is what I am currently using with my round port Hooker headers.
  15. Miles


    Actually a few members have installed back up switches.