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  1. '83 ZX 5 speed transmission

    I know this is a super old thread but is the transmission still available?
  2. 240Z speedo is off

    I got a phone windshield mount and a GPS speedo app.
  3. That installation seems like a great idea until you have to open that fuel tank and fill it. But any race organization requires you to fully box that fuel cell.
  4. L24: More Aggressive Cam Sugguestions

    I currently run those Webers on my L24 with a stock E88 head and a stock cam. I put my car on the race track 10-12 event days a year. I've found a big torque gain and a limited HP gain from the triple 40s because I haven't modified the head. Yet. That will happen in 2018. You should DEFINITELY port and polish that head and install new springs to push your redline higher if you're going to install a more aggressive cam with those 40s. I GUARANTEE you'll be sorry if you don't. (And there's a So Cal alternative to Rebello at Top End Performance in North Hollywood.)
  5. 240Z's at Streets of Willow

    There is video being posted today from different drivers. Not from us. Go to the Corner 3 Nissan Challenge Facebook page.
  6. Both powered by L24 engines with Triple Weber 40s. Took down more modern Nissans at the Nissan Challenge event yesterday.
  7. Cold Air Intake Nearly Done

    Work nearly done. The very last unused TVM air box on planet earth over triple Weber 40s on my L24. Is there a Datsun Z shop in So Cal better than RS Speed Design in Glendale? I doubt it. Who else will be at the Nissan Challenge event on Sunday at Streets of Willow? S
  8. 240z vs 280z

    I've used both on the front end of my car on race tracks in So Cal. The BRE spoiler is great because it's rigid. I think the urethane spoiler bends at 90+mph without a splitter underneath. The other problem with the urethane spoiler is that you have to remove that thin piece of stock bodywork below the grill to mount it which makes the grill opening with the urethane spoiler even bigger which isn't good for the ride either. That being said, I have a custom lowered suspension (RIP John Coffey) so my ride height is 4+"" lower than stock. *One other thing -- I think the BRE spoiler works better than the urethane air dam because the air dam only blocks the air while the BRE spoiler set at a 45 degree angle from the body work creates downforce. Bottom line is that the BRE spoiler was on the early Z cars that won EVERYTHING. That's good enough for me.
  9. 240z vs 280z

    Great call! I forgot the very first mod I put on my car was a BRE front spoiler. Definitely stabilized the car at highway speeds.
  10. 200hp on stock internals?

    You won't get anywhere near 200 hp to the rear wheels without rebuilding your bottom end on an L26. Certainly never happen running SU carbs with that rebuilt head. They won't deliver near the fuel and air you need especially if you change the compression ratio and get a racier cam. Go to Triple Webers or Mikunis. In fact, I'd buy the Webers/Mikunis first. I run triple Weber 40s on my L24 with a basically stock head and bottom end. Probably around 155 to the rear wheels which is more than enough to kick butt on the race track in my classification. Definitely dyno your car before you begin. You will be surprised at your baseline number. When I started my L24 put 117 to the rear wheels. And it was a helluva lot of fun.
  11. 240z vs 280z

    Alignment. For sure.
  12. So Cal Nissan Track Day 10/29/17

    Cool! Make sure when you sign up on the Speedventure site that you note you are participating in the Nissan Challenge. See you there!
  13. Corner 3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge will host an event thru Speedventures.com at Streets of Willow on 10/29. This is the second year of the series and interest continues to grow. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. Hope to see you there!
  14. RS Speed Design in Glendale. Ask for Ares. (Were you going to use Sunrise Z in Glendale before Sev lost his lease?)
  15. Coolant overflow tank for 1972 240z

    I've got that same one on my 240Z.