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  1. Project Land Speed Record Z

    MODIFIED SPORTS - /BFMS, /FMS, /BGMS, /GMS 1. This class is intended for production sports cars as accepted for GT class which have been modified to such an extent as to make the vehicle illegal for the Production Category. This class is limited to production, a minimum of 500 vehicles of the same model for sale to the general public, sports cars, examples of which include Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911, Mazda RX7, and Nissan Z series automobiles. 2. This class may run Nitrous Oxide, but will be advanced two (2) engine classes. 3. Engine classes allowed are: AA, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I The RB, VG, VQ, 2JZ, all fall in the F engine class. I'm going to run Gas and Turbo. F/BGMS would be my class with the small engine. When I run the LS2 I will be in the C class. C/BGMS Mike Cook took the C/GMS and C/FMS Record late last year. He had the car at Speed Week but had some unforeseen problems. What's awesome about this is the un-blown record is faster then the blown record. The blown Gas record hasn't been reset since 1988 with a F engine and 1995 with the C engine. I stand to have a real shot at this. My biggest is not turning my s30 into an airplane and getting an unexpected aerial view of Bonneville. SOOO when the car is finished being build, off to Maxton I go.
  2. Project Land Speed Record Z

    I know they are better engines out there. On that not the L28 is an great engine. My choice for the l28 is a bit of an not so much as an intelligent choice but more of a passionate choice. My goal is to set 1 record with an L28 power S30. After that, ALL bets are off. I also have an Turbo LS2 engine build plan for the C class. Both the F. and C class records are old, and I think I have a chance of getting them. 220, and 240. The Areo is going to come in to play BIG time. I going to test at Maxton because I'm less then 2 hours away. I do not have many resources so I'm making the BEST of what here. On that note I have TONS of good people I have befriended and that are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. If I get the F class record with the L28, an RB30 or a VG30 is Next for the F class. The LS2 will be the C class engine.
  3. Hello board. I'm a long time reader, but I just registered. I have had MANY Z31s a S30 a S130 and a Z33. My plans are to build my 1975 S30 into a Bonneville Salt Land Speed Race Car. My plan is to build and 3mm overbore block with a L20A crankshaft. At 10,000 RPM the Piston Speed will not be much faster then the stock at 7,500 RPM. I Plan to use JE or CP pistons and Carrillo Rods. I have scientifically and mathematically designed a custom manifold that will give me the best exhaust energy to the turbo. I am currently working on an intake manifold. This engine is strictly race only and built for top speed. Lots of custom work will be involved in this build. The car will be push started to about 70 MPH and before pushing itself under its own power. The torque will be GREATLY moved to the upper RPM band. I will run BigStuff3 Engine Management and a custom Crane Coil-Near-Plug ignition similar to the GM LSx setup. This is my fist build of this kind. I am doing all the R&D myself, so PLEASE any input, advice, suggestions, criticism are welcome and Appreciated. I have one of the Worlds Top Cylinder Head guys helping me with the Head and a TOP NASCAR Machine shop to also assist me. I have TONS of respect for all of the knowledgeable members on this site. I have been a fan of "1 Fast Z" and his work. So, Any Advice guys?