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  1. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    OP was about the front, has it changed to the rear now? Ignore me then.
  2. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    To each their own and if someone comes up with something that satisfies their requirements DIY then good, relying on off the shelf solutions is becoming a habit and is not what this forum should be about. All I'm trying to do is to recommend a better starting point, to put it practically wide front wheels requiring zero off set put a lot of leveraged load on the stub axles which then are likely to flex and throw the suspension alignments out under heavy cornering. But if that is not relevant to the OP's use then ignore.
  3. With any MacP strut side load is the enemy, it tends to bind the essential vertical movement of the strut but is an intrinsic part of the design. So anything that reduces side load is good providing the correct geometry is maintained. That's the primary consideration here. What is rarely discussed are low friction design strut dampers. Just as important.
  4. Banged the front of the 280ZX wrecking the aero and a few other things at Bathurst this year but why not drive around with the camera on and enjoy the scenery
  5. New 370Z Category?

    For someone who has not driven a 370Z they strike me as the modern version of the S30 if we ignore the appearance. A friend of mine races one, the weight was stripped back to 1,200kg race weight including a FIA spec cage. Hello Those In Charge, let's not ignore the 370 any longer
  6. S30 track car / HR swap

    Just ran across this hidden weapon, be good if you put some incar vids in the motorsport section.
  7. New 370Z Category?

    Seeing that there are no objections I assume that the suggestion is accepted
  8. 280ZX "shakotan style"

  9. 280ZX at Bathurst

    Don't know the details but it's naturally aspirated, nothing very special in capacity. Pretty light car too and quick through the corners.
  10. New topstage z kit

    For a change, how about you say what you would be prepared to pay for such a kit. It looks like it would require to be bonded to fit, are you prepared to do that or pay to get it done? I mess around with some fibreglass body stuff, given the time that can be involved often there is no profit to be made, people just won't pay.
  11. New 370Z Category?

    We have a 350Z category and the 370Z has not escaped the dreaded LS engine transplant scourge, looking around there is no particular site that caters specifically for modded 370's so maybe? After all hybrid Z's don't stop at a particular model and some fresh site traffic would do no harm so is a 370Z category possible, a good idea?
  12. My New 1988 300zx Turbo project

    So this project involves fixing up rat damage? Lol, as long as they didn't piss in the car much, highly corrosive rat urine.
  13. Good parts from 1982 on 1979

    You have the two cars to check and measure but it sounds like a roof transplant is required ie cut the roof (turret) off one and put it on the other. Specialist welding required but it's the sort of job any body shop should be able to do, if they want to.
  14. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Well you asked for comments, guess I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish other than to convert to a five stud big brake setup. These days if there is already something available off the shelf then I don't try to reinvent the wheel, the amount and variety of S chassis suspension gear available is almost infinite and staying all Nissan has it's plus too.
  15. So are you selling them or what?