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  1. 260DET

    1985 z31 300zx ls swap

    Yes, update required. Now!!!!
  2. 260DET

    RPF1 Wheels

    Around here it seems like every second race car has RPF1's, they are one of the lightest wheels around for any money.
  3. The latest version of Susprog caters for the Holden (G8) front suspension? Looks like it.
  4. If I was thinking this there would be two viable options. One, transplant a suitable suspension from another car or, two, get a suspension program that allows you to explore in a practical way what does what. Unless it can be done geometrically on paper a good program is the only real option for this DIY stuff. When designing the trailing arm lateral links rear suspension for my Z31 project a double wishbone (think about it) program was used, no way would any alternative method be considered.
  5. That blue Z treatment looks great, the important thing is that the wide wheels appear to be an integral part of the design, on the other hand the extra wide flare versions look like someone has decided on wide wheels and then later tacked something on to cover them.
  6. Hard to go past the original race cars, particularly the rear quarter. Some of the detail is not that great but the over all shape, mmmmmm.
  7. 260DET

    Custom 280ZX Hood Vents

    Nice work, opening up those vents helps cooling considerably. With mine a angled flap was placed in front and the rest left open, cooling problem gone.
  8. 260DET

    Under Guard Kit 99090 Datsun racing

    You did look at the date, that item would not be available now, the best reference for sports option parts still available for the S30 I've found is NISMO US.
  9. Upload your videos to Youtube then link them here.
  10. For my purposes only performance above 3500 is relevant. As it is now, more acceleration above 5000 is required so a cam change is next. At this time no other modifications are contemplated because all the indications are that the right cam/header combination should do the job.
  11. 260DET

    Nissan center stage at the 2018 Mitty

    Bloody music, it looked like a great video but....... This is my favourite, John Morton at 76.
  12. Engine angle is relevant to tail shaft alignment, I suggest that is the most important consideration particularly to avoid vibration and excessive wear. Practical considerations are always relevant but doing the job right should be the first priority, after all after all the hard work and expense you want something that drives like a new one.
  13. Be interesting to know why the HSV/Z28 headers went with a more complex 1-3 2-4 plumbing arrangement, it would be more expensive to make than the usual 1-2 3-4.
  14. Decided to play it safe, particularly as space is largely an unknown at present , so I've decided on a set of used HSV headers. They can always be replaced without losing much if power is not satisfactory. No luck on LS1 Tech, pic of HSV's..