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  1. S14 has much better geometry than either the S13 or Z32. But I race so that's where I'm coming from, for cruising it would not matter.
  2. Better off with a S14 rear if the track suits.
  3. Circuit Race Z31

    Linking this to the full build diary, basically it's a fun racer with a few serious tricks, rear suspension for one. Engine will be a cammed LS3, transmission a sequentially shifted four speed Powerglide/Gear Vendors combination. No updates here, link http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/15203-the-z31-project-race-car/
  4. So Cal Nissan Track Day 10/29/17

    Not sure but one of our club members I think participated in this.
  5. Know bugger all about drag racing but with a properly set up IRS why is a LSD needed? It's not going to do any harm but LSD'd should only be necessary when going around corners.
  6. No matter how good the chassis presently is 800hp requires more strength. Like heavy section full length chassis rails for a start.
  7. Agree that the physics are everything, particularly if they can be tuned to replicate what you drive. The G nosed 240Z should be a good start for a lot of us, top speed 257kph, 300hp and 1,060kg weight plus no unrealistic aero assistance.
  8. Apparently this second version is a good thing and realistic enough for real racers who want to practice. Anyway I need to practice Bathurst circuit so a PS 4 Pro setup is on order but the best news is that several Nissans are modeled, from memory a 240Z, 280ZX IMSA turbo complete with lag and a couple of Z32's. Can't find any videos of those cars on YouTube so a V8 Supercar will have to do. What do you think, the dynamics look good to me.
  9. Top chop update

    Super look, not many people could conceive that and pull it off, subtle yet oh so effective. It could be a completely new modern version of the S30. Seriously most modded S30's look rubbish to me but you sir have come up with the exception.
  10. For a race car I go up to 8*, problem with the S30 is getting clearance for that figure. That's a bit much for a road car though, likely to wear the tyre tread inside.
  11. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    There is nothing like fronting someone in person, if the place is closed then ask around nearby. If there are other businesses nearby they will have an idea on what's going on, give them a bit of a sob story to help with the info. But, I'll say it again for emphasis, grab a holt of this fellow and, first priority, get the car if there are any doubts as to his situation.
  12. Your second post says in effect sell it. These sorts of decisions are very personal, there is some very good advice above which should help though. What sometimes works for me is using the imagination to try to feel like as if an actual decision had been made one way or the other.
  13. Seen a few S30's with towbars on, pretty easy as far as towbars go.
  14. now this is a nice z project...

  15. New topstage z kit

    Shipping costs Australia/North America are heart stopping, the bulk and length of that front spoiler would require expensive packing too so good luck grannyknot.