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  1. 260DET

    Paul Newman Championship Racecar on Sale!

    Link don't work for me but Newman raced several Z cars.
  2. Hard use in hot weather or racing, should not need one otherwise.
  3. 260DET

    Nismo VQ30DET GT2 Crankshaft

    No idea but sounds like something interesting is coming up.
  4. Not a phone video, I am disappoint.
  5. 260DET

    Pandem/Rocket Bunny Kit

    The race rules for my Z require a barrier between the cell and the driver, which does not have to be an enclosure if the cell is under the floor. My cell is foam filled to retard any fire or explosion and the tank is liable to shear away if it got a really big hit. Other than safety the big thing to me is the influence of fuel weight on the C of G, I'm anal about mounting components as low as possible, circuit car of course.
  6. 260DET

    Fender frame? What is this called?

    The few examples I have seen pics of made me wonder how well those tubular fronts are attached to the original body to avoid a flex point. At least some of the attachment points should run well back into the body eg through or under the rocker panels.
  7. 260DET

    Pandem/Rocket Bunny Kit

    Putting fuel cells into the rear cargo area is fairly common but i think is a terrible idea from several aspects. My fuel cell is slung under the floor supported by two home made straps, the only problem with that idea is it interferes with any future diffuser. Because race car.
  8. Nissan was the featured make, first time for a Japanese brand which is pretty cool. A bloke from our club went to the US for this and competed in a (borrowed?) Datsun sports. Unfortunately they would not accept my V8 Z entry ☹️☺️
  9. 260DET

    brake cooling backing plate

    Yeh I'd try higher temp rating pads and remove the backing plates first.
  10. 260DET


    Yep, you'll have to make a decision ☺️
  11. 260DET

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    4L80E behind your LS. Two things to look out for, the first one concerns the transmission mount, mine was done using a stock type mount which involved cutting into the semi circular body reinforcement which I was not happy about. A suitable custom mount would avoid this but involve some work, worth it in my opinion. The second thing concerns the oil cooler fitting out of the trans, it was left to rub against the tunnel, a very slight bit of relieving will fix that. Mine is a right hand driver if that makes a difference.
  12. Can't see the point in a dual exhaust unless it delivers more power which seems questionable, my LS3 engined circuit race Z31 will roll with a 3" single, less weight and complication.
  13. Like the vents, just happen to have the same pair on my Z31 racer project car.
  14. 260DET

    1985 z31 300zx ls swap

    Yes, update required. Now!!!!
  15. 260DET

    RPF1 Wheels

    Around here it seems like every second race car has RPF1's, they are one of the lightest wheels around for any money.