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  1. ZF/Ford 6HP80 behind a LS?

    Weight is very important for my use, the Ford/ZF auto is a fair bit lighter than the 4L85E lump with the six speeds a bonus plus it is more efficient internally. There is also of course the GM 6L80 which one source quotes at 95kg wet with converter compared with 115kg (? spec) for the 4L85E . As to a controller, there is one vendor who says they have a plug and play controller solution http://tbmsport.com/6l8090eswapcomponents.html Anyone know anything about them? I am going to email.
  2. NASA AZ Vq 240Z race start

    Good work, I'm not used to seeing Honda's so slow in corners though but you take what you can and enjoy it
  3. The manually shifted 4L85E behind my LS3 280ZX circuit car is old tech and does not have the needed features of modern autos like good engine braking so I'm looking at a 6HP, only problem is for no real reason that I can see, no one else is so info and parts are very scarce. Has anyone moved into the 21st century and is willing to emedukate me
  4. Rally Suspension

    OP you did get a decent variety of response at Classic Cars so perhaps you had better clarify that. Rally prep is a specialised secret men's business, quite simply you won't find those who do this work daily for customers all over the world telling all on the internet and it's unrealistic to expect otherwise.
  5. 4L80E Question

    My LS3 circuit 280ZX has a 4L85E manually shifted behind it, while it's OK the shifts take a while to get the heavy internals moving, it's overall a heavy transmission and engine braking is poor. Compared with what's available in modern performance cars it's an old tech lump. As soon as I can come up with a practical alternative, possibly a Ford/ZF 6R80, the 85 will be put in a museum. It's a pity that you people are not demanding more from your aftermarket transmissions because it sure as hell suits GM for you to be happy with the old inefficient stuff. Plus it makes it hard for those of us who want something better.
  6. Paul Newman's 280zx on Youtube

    Best looking Z race car ever.
  7. 280z VQ35HR Automatic Swap Questions

    Basically all the OE electronics including sensors and wiring will be needed to make it all work like a factory job. Everything interacts with everything else, so everything has to be there and available to work. Bugger eh.
  8. LS376/480 4L70E HELP!!!

    Maybe get a 4L80 instead of the 4L70 unless you are very confident the 70 will be adequate. The problem with going below a certain level of capacity with any component is finding it's not good enough later on and having to replace it with what would have been best first up.
  9. Stub Axles 27 and 39 spline also Z31 conversion

    Sounds great for a S30 , my Z31 project car has the original spec '87 rear end.
  10. Stub Axles 27 and 39 spline also Z31 conversion

    Z31 axle specs? Are these new, reco's?
  11. Industry Garage 240z

    The good old S30 is a mod favourite now, extreme hybridZ.
  12. New topstage z kit

    Agree that a new thread would be appropriate. G-Tech has a point, it's worth a certain amount to potential buyers so no matter how good a kit is there is always that price point beyond which there is virtually no market.
  13. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    OP was about the front, has it changed to the rear now? Ignore me then.
  14. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    To each their own and if someone comes up with something that satisfies their requirements DIY then good, relying on off the shelf solutions is becoming a habit and is not what this forum should be about. All I'm trying to do is to recommend a better starting point, to put it practically wide front wheels requiring zero off set put a lot of leveraged load on the stub axles which then are likely to flex and throw the suspension alignments out under heavy cornering. But if that is not relevant to the OP's use then ignore.
  15. With any MacP strut side load is the enemy, it tends to bind the essential vertical movement of the strut but is an intrinsic part of the design. So anything that reduces side load is good providing the correct geometry is maintained. That's the primary consideration here. What is rarely discussed are low friction design strut dampers. Just as important.