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  1. Koryu

    WTB 1 50mm OER/SK racing carb

    Bump, still looking.. sigh...
  2. Koryu

    WTB 1 50mm OER/SK racing carb

    Yea, i have 2 good ones, need a third lol. Thanks for the recommendation
  3. I have 2 very nice 50mm oer carbs and im looking for 1 more either complete or missing parts. Can be SK racing or OER, mainly just need a good core but will take a complete one. Let me know.
  4. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    Lol yeah!! If it breaks at the flywheel then there won't be any engine or car to worry about anymore and maybe I could finally save some money!!! Or maybe not... Tony that's 360 degrees divided by 3 holes on a 4 cylinder. would it not be divided by 4 holes and only 3 of the 4 are drilled, so the 4th hole(not drilled) would be the trigger? I will look at the 2.2 flywheel. That will be a good visual aid. I thought on a l6 flywheel to make this work I would drill 5 holes at every 60 degrees and leave the 6th blank.
  5. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    The 81zxt wheel in 30-1 seems reliable enough and as I already have the parts minus the $40 sensor and a little time. I just don't see a real benefit to go the flywheel route.
  6. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    I'm sorry I meant lay the magnets out like I'm adding 6 equally spaced, but in fact only adding 5 in a 6-1 configuration. Or any integer of 6..
  7. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    I agree tony about the flywheel, I lay holes out and drill aircraft parts up and assemble according to blueprint everyday but i don't know if I could drill the holes in the flywheel and line the sensor up properly. I guess I could since the engine is on a stand. I only need to drill and set 6 equally spaced magnets in the flywheel and set the hall effect sensor directly over their path with a very small air gap between them? Sounds not to bad but I'm sure there is more to it ie getting the flywheel balanced afterwords. This is more solid than the crank mount i was interested in? I am running distributorless so I'm not wanting to go the 82/83 route.
  8. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    Awesome. Solid advice I was looking for. I'm getting my manifold from senza soon and TonyD has me sold on putting a gt35r on as well. Just slowly building it up nice clean and right the first time. It is expensive but I was looking at how clean it looked. But I can clean up the wheel after I grind it and out the hall effect sensor in the hollowed out cas and make it all look new.
  9. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    Thanks metro. I like the way you mounted yours in the old cas. That is the same hall effect sensor I was looking at. I was mainly concerned with using an old dampner and getting a new one with a wheel already on it but I take it no problems from yours. Can't wait to set it up.
  10. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    I was looking today and it seems the stock trigger wheel is a 90 tooth. I'm thinking this may be a better and cleaner install. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Z-Car-Single-Groove-Aluminum-Crank-Pulley-Trigger-wheel-/310246633999?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item483c23f20f
  11. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    Winstonusmc I have been following your build and I like all the info you post. Do you like the ford cop?? I wonder if one could modify a rb20 cam gear to run the rb20 cas?? Or maybe a l series gear that could run a cas.. seems doable. I will look into the hall effect sensor from diy, seems like a great option for me. Btw I was in Oki from 2000 to 2006
  12. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    I would like to keep it crank mounted likeb it is stock and do away with the whole distributor all together. I will take a look at the trigger wheel and research a sensor that is compatible with with the wheel and ms3. Anyone know of any? Seems like my best bet as I have the entire 81 zxt setup.
  13. Koryu

    81 l28et ignition suggestions

    Oh I have a 81 l28et.
  14. I have searched and researched this and the census is to replace the 81 l28et crank mounted setup for the 82/83. I will be installing a ms3 with ford cop with bryan blakes bracket. Can I use the crank mounted sensor with ms to fire the coil packs? Or is the 82/83 distributor with diy trigger wheel a better option? I want reliable and performance with the clean look of the coil on plug set up. This is for a 400 hp turbo setup.
  15. Koryu

    L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    Looks nice!