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  1. '89 ZXT Part Out

    Thanks. Yeah my leather is getting there, but not that bad thanks. How much for the steering wheel on the blue cloth one?
  2. 1974 260z Project

    Are those Enkei wheels?
  3. compressor mount

    I think I have that same bracket.
  4. '89 ZXT Part Out

    How is the drivers seat and what color?
  5. Factory service manuals (FSM): http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/reference.html
  6. 1971 240Z L28 - Datsun Z Garage

    GLWS Bryan.
  7. Test (Ignore)

  8. HybridZ server move and upgrade.

    Thanks Dan!! So glad everyone chipped in to make it happen.
  9. That is weird. I just got mine in today and had to check. Mine looks like they were cast in one mold, separated and packaged.
  10. If your paying someone else to do the work, daily driving shouldn't be an issue. Just will cost you a lot. You didn't mention budget. If your going to do it yourself, get it running. Sort all the bugs out of it. Do all those things you were talking about, learn all you can and enjoy it for a bit. Then I would tackle the paint and body. Also you U.K. Is tough on emissions right? Do 75 fall out of that range for testing? I'm assuming you have another car to daily commute with now?
  11. Yeah keep Z, get another toy! Based on your price points of other cars your looking at, it doesn't seem that necessary for you to sell it.
  12. WTB: Stock Turbo Wastegate Housing

    So just to be clear you want the actuator or the turbine housing?
  13. Enkei 92 Center Cap

    Looking for just one, but if you have more let me know. Thanks
  14. Post >East-Coast Craigslist / Ebay links here

    Not mine. I did look at it. To much rust for me. PM if you have any questions. https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/1972-datsun-240z/6283018950.html
  15. Ignition Problems when Hot

    Oddly, I believe I do. I can shoot you some pics if you want to check it out.