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  1. I typed in "5.3 windage tray on ls1" on google and look at the images tab. Their are 10 bolts that hold it on. Cutoff 20% of the front of the pan. This will be right in front of the second set of bolt holes (leave 8 bolt holes left to attach it to the engine). http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/28961-random-toolscustom-partsmcwindage-tray-mods/
  2. I'm actually running a 5.3 windage tray with an ls1 oil pan on my 5.3. I saw a post somewhere and it showed how far back to cut the windage tray off on the 5.3 one and I've not had any problems at all with it. 5 minutes with a cutoff wheel and done!
  3. I typically go into the auto parts stores and they let me behind the counter and I looked for the perfect size and then they'll ring it up. My heater control valve was the first thing I fixed on my z 4 years ago! Bronco heater control valve was my replacement for the factory one until I went with a new vintage air unit.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a used msa victory or retro spec downforce spoiler for my 280z. Fiberglass is acceptable. Looking at all tall spoilers but not the whale tail style. If you have one you are interested in letting go please PM me or comment below. Thank you
  5. Ohio Mile Sep 30-Oct 2.

    That's awesome Keith!!!
  6. 1976 280z 5.3 TR6060 Build

    Not yet, I'm still waiting on new wastegate outlet clamps so I can line up and weld the pipe this time. I will be taking it to the track soon hopefully!
  7. 1976 280z 5.3 TR6060 Build

    Well I've been driving/fixing the tune and have ran a 1/2 mile event earlier this month with RenekahsZ! Being able to run wide open without a speed limit is just flat awesome. Sadly I only made 1 shake down pass up to 5k rpm for 5 gears and ran 125 mph. I'm currently waiting on new clamps for my wastegate downpipe because I blew it off between the 3-4 or 4-5 shift on the track. I want to drive this car every day!!! I am only running a 5lb spring right now and it is very streetable but I've had a 10 lb spring installed for a short time and it is a completely different animal! Ridiculously fast which was the goal! Probably only 500hp but I drove this thing with a straight 6 for a while... I highly recommend the turbo after the v8 install. Next will be hooking up the AC lines again because the turbo setup rearranged my crimped lines. Hoping to gap rings on the next 5.3 I will be getting soon and a sloppy mechanics budget build boost ready engine to swap in sometime. I already have an ls6 cam to put in! keep turning those wrenches! It's worth it!
  8. Georgia 1/2-mile 2016

    Turbo! Turbo! Turbo! Lol we had fun even though I broke on the first pass but i will be doing this type of event again. Parts are already ordered to fix the wastegate downpipe malfunction. Looking into the spoiler too that keith has.
  9. SpeeD Hut Gauges

    Sorry I'm late to the party lol! I used the 4" gauges and have them slid into the back of the factory black pods very tight with a piece of 3/8" vacuum hose all the way around. Works very well (nearly 12k miles so far). I even put some set screws in behind them just so they wouldn't fall in worse case scenario. I found this install method from another guys page on here years ago. Group buy is the way to go, or it used to be. My build thread has the info and the guys handle/name on here for the group buy. If I did it again I'd go 4.5" but I wasn't sure they would fit easily! Good luck choosing all the features!
  10. I actually have a push button that I have wired in and when I want to go in reverse I just hold that button. When I let go of the button after I shift into reverse the 12v is cutoff from the solenoid. And you are correct, it's very hard to shift into reverse overcoming the detent spring. It's a pain sometimes but hey it works and it was cheap! Like $10.
  11. 1976 280z 5.3 TR6060 Build

    Thanks for the complements and yes it is a blast to drive! I hadn't realized how much I missed driving this thing but after a 7 month hiatus for the transmission rebuild and turbo add on it was well worth all of it. Actually drive it to work yesterday for the first time since late October 2015. I wish I had time to but I'm in a wedding this weekend and won't be able to on Saturday. I missed the last cars and coffee in Knoxville due to tuning issues but will try to be at the next one. PM me and we can meet up somewhere soon and I can take you for a ride once I get this tune figured out.
  12. 1976 280z 5.3 TR6060 Build

    I've not posted in a while but I'm in the tuning phase currently. Had some small tweaks to figure out before it would react to my changes but now that I've got that glitch out of the way all I can say is WOW! I've never ridden in a 500-600 hp tin can before but this thing screams! Had a 10 lb spring in and boost creep has me a few pounds higher so I'm going to lower the spring to 6 lbs and hopefully keep it at or under 10 lbs of boost. It literally blows the tires off of it, granted I'm only running 225/50/16's. I'm just amazed at the power. My Duramax is no longer the fastest vehicle in my garage lol. I love this car! It turns heads and will blow the doors off nearly everything it seems lol! I figured up about $3120 including $500 for hp tuners so hard parts and fluids equaled $2620. Worth every penny. If I ever have time I'll load up a parts list with pricing breakdown. In the past it ran around 186-200* and now it's 200-220* with the higher temps sitting in traffic and as soon as you take off it cools back down to 200. Being out of boost driving to work and around town it's super streetable and I still have the factory cam installed. I have an ls6 cam in a box in the garage if I want to crank it up some in the future. I feel that the rear end will need updating to an 8.8 before I up the power anymore with the 6 speed.
  13. I recommend getting the engine/trans first and running it in the z to get a feel for stock LS power and fix all rust issues. Then figure out what turbo or super or even combo charging setup will fit with or without the hood installed and go from their. This way it'll be running faster and you won't lose interest on the project if funds come up short sometimes because life happens. Honestly twin turbo's on an LS will net your power goal easier than compounding boost and will be cheaper. Even a large single will do that number. I drove mine for 11k miles (2 years) before boosting it this winter. What's your budget? That will dictate a lot. I've seen LS Z's range from $5k total to over $65k total lol.