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  1. Drop-in fuel injector upgrade (600cc +) for 350Z?

    Greddy has turbo, and twin turbo kits with everything from the intercooler to the injectors if you want to go the turbo route, plus they have a sick titanium single turbo, single pipe and full dual, twin turbo catback exhaust system, this might cost you 8-10 grand though, just a sugestion, but this will get you 350-500hp depending on how you tune it.
  2. RB26DETT swap

    Also, I seen your car, very nice build dude.
  3. RB26DETT swap

    I've seen that, and I'm trying to get in touch with him. From his thread it seems like it was an easy swap and I know its not. I'm looking for a whole parts list also and where to buy.
  4. RB26DETT swap

    Ok, I've looked at other forums, I've looked everywhere, I've e-mailed tuning shops and online stores looking for someone who knows anything on the RB26DETT swap into the 350z. I know pretty much all the down sides to this, the cost, the work involved all with no guaranty that the motor will even start without grenading, etc. Right now I don't want people telling me its a waste or that I have a prefectly good motor in the car already, and yes I know that the VQ35DE can turn out good numbers with the right work for much less money. I just want someone to tell me either what I'm looking at in detail(parts\tools\man hours) or tell me how to contact someone who will know so I can make the decision myself, I mean ultimately its my time and money. I really appreciate any help anyone can offer me, if I get this done I will gladly show you all my work Oh and I think my friend is going to put the SR20DET into his 240sx (s-13) sooner or later if anyone is interested, I can post pics about that also.