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  1. Complete Re-wire

    The painless kit had the power wire +B going to the switch. Datsun switch is a grounding one. +B feed goes to the headlight and the two grounding wires go to the switch. Same with the wiper. Not sure about the LED I have stock on my 240.
  2. Complete Re-wire

    I have been there and done that. Do not buy a prewired universal kit. Get the wire fuse box seporate. This way you can get the correct length of wire were it needs to go with out splicing. I bought the 18 circuit kit from painless. You don't need that many circuits. I mounted the fuse pannel on the passenger side firewall. I used the original connectors. I will send some photos this weekend. Also go to ebay and get the color wire diagram 11X17 cant tell you how much that helped. My 1970 240Z has been on the road for 3 years with no electrical problems. I also converted to single wire alternator. This was the first time I have ever wired a car. So if you know a little about wiring it can be done.