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  1. Damage to the compressor wheel

    I actually bought a turbo off ebay that had similar damage. I dont know what caused it the guy said it was on a running ZX, my only guess would be debris. With them spinning that fast almost anything can cause damage I assume. I ran a piece of panty hose through mine with no damage, must have been something tougher than that. haha
  2. External Wastegate Dump Tube

    Thats the only one I have, not around the car to take pictures. I havent spent alot of time on it but I am having issues with controlling my boost, it is creeping way above what the spring says it should. I dont know if its another problem, who knows.
  3. turn signals not working

    Print it all out and tape it together. Get a highlighter and mark the lines relating to the turn signals, trace everything back to a power source or ground. From there with either the voltmeter or continuity check to make sure there isn't a cut wire, corroded connection, etc. following the wiring diagram is just about impossible on a computer, it's hard enough even on paper.
  4. Need help immediately, road accident

    Sorry man, hoping everything works out. I had my first accident a year ago, it sucks. Doesn't the insurance cover medical? If you have physical therapy bills you should have them covered by the auto insurance. Don't neglect your injury. Cars can be fixed, necks are harder.
  5. turn signals not working

    Sorry, Double post.
  6. turn signals not working

    Get the fsm manual wiring diagram, it helped me figure out my lights. Do you have a multimeter? The 6 pin connector that goes to the combination switch grounds two different wires to a single power wire. Doesn't matter if it's clean if it's broken, makes sure its actually making connections. Same with the hazard switch. When it is off there are two wires on its plugs that allow the blinkers to work. That has to be closed or it won't work. http://www.xenons30.com/reference.html Look at where power and grounds come from and work backwards. Be meticulous on tracing wires and you will find the problem easily.
  7. 81 280zx turbo Center Console

    280zx center console, it was in my rafters in a box. Tried to sell it and must have just forgotten about it. 45 shipped. Thanks
  8. Shaved Intake Manifold

  9. Shaved Intake Manifold

    Yes, as soon as the eve plate is on the manifold will be sealed so it will be ready to use. Turbo motor are fine. Keep your boost under say, 100 psi and you'll be fine. Haha
  10. Shaved Intake Manifold

    Grey engine paint. I don't remember the color. It was whatever they sold at shucks. I was pretty happy with how smooth it turned out, really rich color.
  11. Shaved Intake Manifold

    Incomplete shaved manifold. Perfect project for someone with an aluminum welder. I ground down the main bungs and then filed everything flat and smooth. Smoothed out a lot of the other casting marks and edges, looks pretty good. EGR port is cut off and I have a piece of aluminum cut and shaped to block the egr. In the past I have successfully JB welded this piece on with no problems but I figured Id let someone decide, especially if they have a welder. Either way, what you see is what you get. Having to clean up the garage before I move... What it is a few hours away from.... haha. Some others I did. Price is $80 shipped anywhere in the US. Price is flexible, just let me know what you can do and the worst I can say is no. Thanks!
  12. WTB: 280z Rubber Shifter Boot, Shift Knob

  13. Dash Comp Output Channels Not Configured? Tuner Studio

    Some of them. I just right clicked on the indicators at the bottom of the screen while you are synced up to megasquirt. You can change it to read other stuff and it looked like the specific errors changed. Haven't completely fixed it yet.
  14. Positive crank ventilation. Thats the opening on your valve cover and right behind the distributor opening. If oil is spraying out that could be burning on the manifold. Also, how does your oil look? Do you have an oil temperature gauge? I was gonna make a neener neener comment since I just graduated from college sunday but, I will refrain. haha Good luck!