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  1. Figures that is what I was afraid of. Why does the 240 rotors cost so much more than the 280z? thanks for the info
  2. Hello everyone, I am searching for a simple answer and after 20 min on the FAQ I cant seem to find a clear answer to my question. I am running a 72 datsun 240z with standard brake rotors up front and calipers. My Rotors are warped bad and need to be replaced. Looking at several websites, blackdragonauto.com, motorsportauto.com. etc. There seems to be a differeance between the front rotors on a 240z and a 74 260z. What is the differance besides the 260 being slightly thicker? Are the hubs the same?? Can you bolt on a 260 rotor on a 240??? I do want to go ahead and bolt on the toyota calipers when I replace the rotors but I am not sure which ones to use. I am trying to keep this on the cheap, my car is just a daily driver and occasualy horseplay, thats about it. If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it. thanks
  3. DatsunZman04

    about rear axle

    Might need some more information like make; model type of rear end, and transmission?? Before we can help you.
  4. DatsunZman04

    Turn Signal wiring NIGHTMARE!

    NewZed, You are correct I forgot to post the year, I have a 72 240z, thanks for the links. Between the original wiring diagram and nullbounds link I should be able to figure it out. I just didnt want to start spark chasing If I didn't have to. Thanks again!!
  5. Hello all, I seem to run into an issue with my turn signal lever and headlights. For some odd reason the wiring got hot and nothing works. All the wires on the boad on the lever is black and some are burnt through. Obvisuly I had a short or a fuse that didnt pop when it should have. Here is my million dollar question. I would like to rewire my entire car using a painless wiring kit, I would even use GM flashers and fuse box. My question is, does anyone have a wiring diagram or color codes of the wires on the turn signal switch and what they go to. Hot, Ground, etc.I searched the Archives but cant find anything. Its not like I want to hook up power to my car and start testing every connection, something else might fry. I would like to solder the new wires to the old switch to keep the nestaligic look. any thoughts or Ideas?? I seem to be a t a loss at this point. I just figured 30 + years of harsh climate and mice that all my wiring should be replaced. Any Help would be appreciated or a link would be gratefull. thanks again. DatsunZman04,
  6. DatsunZman04

    Should I pay $6K for a resto, salvaged 71 Z??

    I bought a 240z that had a lost title that was abandoned on farm in MO. I went through all the steps and paid $200 for the car but all I can get is a salvage title since I filed for a abandoned vehicle title. 3 weeks of Paperwork through the HWY patrol. GRR but I didnt want to see the car get crushed. Does this bring my car value down yes!! But I have the satisfaction of knowing that it was never in an accident and didnt need frame work done. Value is only in the mindset of the person who owns the car. If your not planning on selling it in the future, then go for it if thats what you want.
  7. DatsunZman04

    Fix for broken stripped head bolt?

    I had one break off into the head/block and had to weld a nut onto what was left to try and back it out. Before it was all said and done I messed up the threads so bad I had to re -drill and use Heli -coils just like mentioned above! It seems you have these problems more frequently when matting a alumminum head to a cast block or vice versa. A good torqable anti sieze will save you some headaches down the road. Thats my only advice.
  8. DatsunZman04

    Factory cam specs?

    http://www.xenons30.com/cams.html Heres all the info you will ever need to know.
  9. DatsunZman04

    Custom Triple Su Carbs

    Heres a Pic of something similar on what I was trying to achieve.
  10. DatsunZman04

    Custom Triple Su Carbs

    We can always change the needles and adjust, but on the Datsun inline 4cylinders they can run 2 SU roundtop carbs on the motor, so whats the differance by adding one more carb per 2 cylinders?
  11. DatsunZman04

    Custom Triple Su Carbs

    I had a crazy thought rolling around in my head and was wanting to get all of your opinions on the subject. Why hasn't anyone built a custom intake and linkage to run 3 SU carbs? I know its easier to buy a set of triple mukinis or solerex for around $1,500 to $1,000. So my question is what would be the downfall of running 3 round top su carbs?? I can make a template and plasma cam a flat flange and custom make a intake to bolt on 3 SU's. Now I know that the linkage would have to be redone but it's doable. . The Benifit 1. Everyone has a set or two of Su carbs laying around. 2. It's a different look. 3. performance might possible be the same. 4. I can make a intake for less than a couple hundred at my shop, plus I can do my own powdercoating. Downfalls???? I leave this all open for your guys suggestions, you wont hurt my feelings any just let me hear what you have to say!! DatsunZman04
  12. DatsunZman04

    Pictures Of Pillar Pod Style gauges In Car

    Yeah, I kept the radio but already deleated my center vents and switches, All I have is fan on/off for defrost if I need it. I was just trying to see what make and model everyone was using to modify pillar pods to make them work. Cheap as they are I guess I can buy one and start molding it to the shape I want. Thanks for the info.
  13. DatsunZman04

    E31 L26

    I think I need to clear the air out there on my posting and the comments made by Tony D. I messed up when I said the E31 Head had the Highest Compression Ratio of the Z series engines. I never Included the off the wall ( rare) heads like the E30 or the 05L. My bad for assuming he was from the US, where finding a old SKYLINE, LAUREL, Leopard, or a Gloria head would be a task in itself. All heads for these cars are becoming rare due to their age Inclunding the basic ones. As far as my absolute statement? All I did was give more information on the heads thats Tony provided that I left off. I did not give out bad information about the E31 head, I just told him the basics. I believe Tony, is one of the most experanced Z ethusiast out their and I would take his advice anyday, but I think his comments on Bad Information where a little bit unecessary In my opinion.
  14. DatsunZman04

    E31 L26

    L20ET = O5L Head L20ET engine in an C210 and R30 Skyline The L20ET is a turbo engine developed by the Nissan Motor Company. It is a 12-valve, 6-cylinder, fuel-injected engine with a single chain driven cam, turbo (non intercooled), and a non crossflow head. It produces 144 hp (107 kW). It was released in the early 1980s[citation needed] and fitted to the Skyline, Laurel, Leopard, Gloria, and Fairlady Z lines of automobiles. The E30 Is also a rare head to find in a Datsun z. I was basically giving him the basics of what came stock here in the US.
  15. DatsunZman04

    E31 L26

    The E31 head had the Highest compression ratio of the Z series heads, they came off the 70-71 z. BUT!!! they also had the smaller valves. Most people install the bigger valves in that head to make them breath in the 70's to have a budget racer motor to run on High Octane fuel. How to modify your Z engine book would tell you everything about interchanging the parts and the cc's of each head. I hope this is somewhat helpful. http://www.amazon.com/Modify-Your-Nissan-Datsun-Engine/dp/1931128049/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1378242751&sr=8-2&keywords=datsun+z+how+to+modify