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  1. Datsun350Z

    $50 DIY paint job

    Oh, btw... It's Rustoleum rattle can, no wetsanding, no orange peel, no runs. 3 coats of Flat Black, 3 coats of Pink, and 2 coats of Matte clear. Ran me about $75 between paint, tape, and other supplies. Took me about 5 days, two of which were interrupted by rain, one by dime sized hail, had to rip open my drivers door to pull it into the garage less than 5 min after I had it 100% taped off.
  2. Datsun350Z

    $50 DIY paint job

    Did my old subaru station wagon a few months ago, its holding up perfect so far, I used Rustoleum. I gave it to my girlfriend to use, It had some rust spots that I needed to repair, so I told her to pick a color, this is what I wound up with. Flat black and Pink
  3. I'm sure i'll be in the nyc area at some point during that timeframe. Definitely up for hanging out. I'm always busy for the Z meets. Keep us posted as the time gets closer.
  4. Datsun350Z

    Courteous Z Driver

    It's not a law and I do it here for everyone as long as I can safely get over to the left lane. It's way too easy for someone to trip and wind up a foot or two into the road. Why do you guys (police) park so close to the road? Is that how you're supposed to pull cars over? I'm sure there's a tactical advantage than i'm not thinking of that outweighs opening your door into traffic. I've noticed that the police car is almost always within a foot or two of the mayo.
  5. Datsun350Z

    Has anyone ever seen a s30 cut in half?

    All that work for just 3 inches?
  6. Datsun350Z

    What is your Daily Driver?

    2003 Audi TT Quattro 225HP Great on gas, Even when I drive hard.
  7. Datsun350Z

    Concept 240Z

    http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=43&t=608914&page=2&pp=15 Here's the first thread where I saw it... more pics there.
  8. Datsun350Z

    88 mazda fc3s for sale!!

    Haha @ leaving the "1988 Mazda FC3S-P.O.S." in your sig while selling it. At least the buyer was warned. Good luck with the sale, and for around $1K it looks like a good buy.
  9. Datsun350Z

    Post a Picture of...Yourself!

    I'm a little late on posting this, but here I am...
  10. Datsun350Z

    NYC Metro Dyno Day?

    That's the next one I know of that i'm going to, but I don't know how many guys I can squeeze in, as it's not my connection, and it's size limited. Give me a call or shoot a PM and we can discuss what's possible.
  11. Datsun350Z

    Happy Birthday to Evil C

    http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=132916 Please e-mail the link to your usual suspects clive. Copy me on the e-mail please. Let's try to make this big!
  12. Datsun350Z

    NYC Metro Dyno Day?

    Any interest in a NYC Metro Z car Dyno Day? It would be on a weekend, probably may 17/18 On Long Island. Please post and vote yes ONLY if you are Seriously interested in coming out. I'd like to judge interest before mentioning it to the shop's owner. Once I have 10+ confirmed attendees I will ask the owner. Also if anyone interested in coming out is a member in good standing on any other Z sites please let me know, I would like to include them in this if possible. I will post the actual meet and information in the meetings section. This is just to judge interest. Thanks, Chris
  13. Datsun350Z

    Happy Birthday to Evil C

    Deal... I'll talk to the guy at this dyno and see what I can do. Where should I post the thread?
  14. Datsun350Z

    Happy Birthday to Evil C

    Yeah, I got it. The Dyno was soundproofed, so it's not exactly exciting. I'll post it when I transfer it to the computer. Next one is probably gonna be on a dynojet in NJ. I think it's somewhere on the jersey side, near the Pallisades parkway plaza. Much closer to you than LI. I'll make a thread on the forum when I find out.
  15. Datsun350Z

    Happy Birthday to Evil C

    Too bad you couldn't make it out to Dyno day. I put down 225 hp / 225 tq... It was generous.