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  1. American racing rims

  2. American racing rims

    Old school 14 inch American racing rims with Michelin Rainforce tire on them. Tire and rim size is P185/75R14. The tires are only 3 years old and have only have 3000 miles on them. I have 2 center cap that say American Racing , 1 that says Datsun, and 1 that says nothing. They where originally on a Datsun 240z and are in pretty good shape. Looking for $400/obo
  3. American Racing rims

    Thank you
  4. American Racing rims

    Delete post please
  5. I tried to pm but had no luck. Im curious about your coil over setup. If I purchase your whole setup does that mean I just get what's in the pictures? Do you also sell camber plates that go along with the coilovers? What spring rates do you suggest for a mostly street driven with the occasional road race car? And last how quickly do they take to make or do you have a set ready to go all the time?
  6. I have 72 240 Z and need driver side headlight bezel. Hit me with a price for the bezel and shipping. Zip code is 52405. Thanks.
  7. 240sx throttle body, bov

    I have a 240 throttle body. 50 plus shipping and it's yours.
  8. Do you happen to have the drivers side headlight bezel. Let me know please.
  9. Zcarsource.com has them just got a pair last week.
  10. Huge Datsun parts collection for sale

    Me again. Do you happen to have a drivers side mirror for a 72 240z
  11. 260z rear suspension

    Got what I needed thanks for all the help.
  12. 260z rear suspension

    I need a driver side rear lower control arm spindle and Strut Assembly. Some lady rear ended my car I need to fix asap. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks Harvey
  13. Huge Datsun parts collection for sale

    Looking for a drivers side rear control arm and Strut assembly.
  14. LT1 Tuner cat Fine Tuning

    Yeah I found him on the net and have used some of his tips, but didn't know if I wanted to pay more money on top of the program cost. But what did you pay? Maybe it is worth it.
  15. I finally have my 240 z running and would like to do some fine tuning to get it running at its peak performance. Does any one have suggestions on how to set up my PCM using Tuner cat. I really haven't done much except opening up the egr table wide open because I eliminated all the emissions stuff. The car has an lt1/t56 with a lt4 hot cam, d and d headers and r200 LSD. I'm all ears and willing to try any suggestion or setups, so tell me what your doing or send a file. Any comment is much appreciated. Thanks