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  1. ~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

    Been slowly working on the RB26DETT ITB's. They were pretty filthy.. After a lot of elbow grease.. There is a coating from the factory that helps seal the butterflys at idle because the butterfly plate have small gaps around them that air can pass through, when you clean it off you can have a high idle and even a lack of throttle response. I ordered a can of Molykote 321 to re-coat the inside. I'll show this later on. Next up I'll be port matching the manifold to the throttle bodys. I'm quite surprised how much of a lip sticks out. This will all be make flush and any extra rough casting areas will be removed and smoothed. Marking out the areas to be massaged..
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    From the album ITB's

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    From the album ITB's

  4. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    I was in the same boat as you once. It was a buddy's shop and he always gave me great deals on labor but he would fit me in when he could. Right after I bought my 73 I took it to him to figure some wiring issues out, the car ended up not running anymore while it was there and it didn't seem like he was working on it at all. So my new car was sitting at this shop for nearly a year collecting dust. I finally got tired of it and had him tow the car back to my house. Turned out to be a bad ignition coil resistor. I know exactly what your feeling right now trust me! It's hard for a shop to work on someone elses project when they can turn and burn a bunch of easy oil changes or other misc through the day and make their money. I wouldn't bother with the cops or lawyer unless you really think the car is being stolen and have a bit of proof. My opinion is go to the shop in person, ask to see the car and whats going on with it, and explain to him it's taking too long and would like an actual date of when it can be finished otherwise you would like to have the car towed back to your house to complete it yourself.
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    From the album ITB's

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