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  1. mxs666

    CV shafts for R200

    I will take them at that price. Pay via check. Let me know.
  2. mxs666

    Sold please remove

    PM me as well with your asking price. Also, if I was to pay for shipping, are you set up to ship it ?
  3. mxs666


    http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/125591-1971-rb25det-track-car-project/ that may give you some better idea too
  4. mxs666

    Hello from Daphne, Alabama

    Ha. Drove through Daphne the other day on my way from NO to Pensacola Beach. "Small world... but I wouldnt want to paint it." make sure the frame is good before you do all the work. people actually restore these cars and after the resto and all that work the passenger door and fender wont line up.... D'Oh good luck with your project.
  5. Maybe pay up for a set on ebay and make sure the seller accepts returns and then scan a set and send them back. They must sell repros out of Taiwan because I see them on ebay every so often.
  6. mxs666

    Air filters K&N Mikuni and Foam SU

    shuold have told me before...
  7. mxs666

    JWT 420cc Injectors

    bump. this will be the only bump. if no reply by by the end of this weekend, I will go with the 550 injectors ...
  8. mxs666

    Fuel Tank 240z

    Killer. Im a little tied up now, but I will text you this evening. Thanx - Michael
  9. mxs666

    JWT 420cc Injectors

    Full set. Another long shot, but ...
  10. mxs666

    Fuel Tank 240z

    Stop laughing... I really need to find a usable tank. Refurbished, even better. I actually had a refurbished one... Guy sent it to me UPS. Never delivered... Simply disappears. UPS throws up their hands and says, "Sorry, F U..." I don't even think the "sorry" was sincere Thanks - Michael (located in Louisiana near New Orleans)
  11. mxs666

    Weber DCOE Jet Kit

    little help... anyone !