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  1. Do you have a laser / water cutter, or do you c&c all these type of parts ?
  2. Hi Derek, as I said before, Great work.. Can you do a picture or two from the top, side showing how far the sprockets sit way from the head, and the alignment, also, can you show some picture how the mid 2 sprockets attach to each other ( to lock them together ), and how the sprockets connect to the head thanks you in advance Nigel
  3. Hi Derek, Great work I must say, On your next batch of head, was you going to add some more martial to this area ? Nigel
  4. MPI / DI, multi point injection / direct injection ?
  5. Noddle

    another spot to put in trans fluid?

    my 240K has a reverse switch, that is the same height (or close enough ) as the fill bung... I have used that before. that's on a 5 speed box..
  6. I hope you will do a blog about the build.. or at least on here (hybridz.org) Nigel
  7. Hi, Is there a reason you have no oil return path in the front of the head ? I understand that on acceleration, the oil will want to pool towards the back of the head, but a constant cruise, I would think the oil could return at the front of the head.. maybe some 1/2 inch holes or so ? Nigel
  8. Hi, Derek, was you going to make changes to your patterns, so you have less machine work in the future ?, like the amount of martial you have to remove from the valve spring area ? btw, very impressive.. Nigel
  9. Noddle

    P30 L24 E88... with dished pistons?

    Maybe it's just a standard L24, my datsun 240K ( not Z ) was like this. standard.
  10. Noddle

    high compression l28 on pump gas?

    CTC, is that your silver 240K ?
  11. Noddle

    target afr table share/help

    Hi, Have a look in here http://forums.hybridz.org/forum/93-megasquirt/ look at "MegaSquirt Map Information Sharing (all code versions)" it may give you some ideas, Nigel
  12. Noddle

    wastegate adapter

    http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/85051-external-wastegate-adaptor/#entry806157 Nigel
  13. Noddle

    Whats wrong with my VE's?

    How high is your idle ? what is your crank speed set to ?, on my car, crank speed is set to 300 RPM ( i think ) idle is 750, if i try to take off, and the RPM goes to 300 or lower, it thinks its in crank mode, and leans out and wont rev, the only fix, is to "clear it", by turning the engine off, and restart it, my car has no fast idle, i have this issue mostly when the engine is cold... it took me weeks to understand what was going on.. but now, it's a easy fix.. I hope this helps. Nigel
  14. Noddle

    SU Carb Manifold Heat control

    I had icing issue on my Ford 250 X-Flow engine running an after market intake manifold (aluminium) and a Holley carbie, start the car, drive 3-5 minutes, and it would run like a pig, stop , leave it a couple of minutes and it was fine, If you put your hand on the underside of the manifold, where the carbie sat, it had ice, leaving a few minute let the heat from the head transfer into the manifold , and warmed it up. note though, this manifold had no water passages in it. Nigel