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  1. Might be moving to MD few questions....

    Good to know, a few of my buddies just moved and got some apt. right out of the back gate of the fort. Says he cant wait for his lease to be up. So good to know. I figured with the CCW but it was worth the shot to ask, i got alot of guns im sure i can't have in MD and for that will stay in vegas. I am a Republican and so that means im going to be having a "good" time lol. Hey i got called a baby killer after coming back from the sandbox.... can you guess what state it was? I'll give you a hint, Has a carebare on its flag.
  2. Might be moving to MD few questions....

    Yea its the same here in Hawaii.... I have been wanting a freaking concealed carry but Hawaii doesn't allow it unless your a cop. But PLATA thats good to know. Here the car scene is kinda dead i feel...
  3. Might be moving to MD few questions....

    Noted i will have to check that out on zillow. I really appreciate the input guys. Now another question is what are some of the "bad" areas to stay away from? Also is there any Rally courses or rallyx guys in those areas i would assume there is. Also any of the Z guys there meet up and hang out, i know when i was with SincityZ we did every now and again. I miss being around other z owners and helping one another, if i have realized anything the Subie crowd is not really all that willing/able to turn a wrench. What things are there to do on the east coast? I have been to all the Museums and things like that in Maryland. Me and my soon to be wife don't party or anything. Are gun laws strict in MD?
  4. Might be moving to MD few questions....

    Thanks for the replies guys! I have been looking at around Laurel, i have noticed a lot of places do not have carports or something along that nature. Its annoying. I don't want my Z in the open. The mods on my RallyX car are all suspension and engine, but looks stock. The Z has a built motor, struts springs, exhaust, and a new other things. This move is slowly killing me inside because well i LOVE HAWAIII, but can you blame me?
  5. Aloha from Hawaii, So my 5 years on this beautiful oasis is up and after my foot heals i should be moving to Maryland. I am a Marine, and should be moving in the Fort Meade area. The questions i have if anyone has some info would be, whats a good area to look at houses in the area of Fort Meade? How is the registration process, i read that there is a safety inspection? How are they towards modified cars? I have a rallyx car and my Z is in vegas waiting to go MD, both cars are modified. I can't think of to many other questions at the moment those are my most important ones. Thanks for any input guys SHOOTS!
  6. Crate engine?

    I have read mixed reviews... some people say good some people say not good. SunriseZ is that a company or a user name? Braap does he do motor builds? My buddy can drop engines in, but he can't rebuild. If i was in vegas i would be rebuilding it myself lol. Any other recommendations would be awesome gang! Also any personal horror or good stories from Datsun Parts LLC.
  7. Crate engine?

    Good morning everyone. Well i have a simple question. Does anyone know of any shops or people that make crate L28 engines? I that know Rebello does but, I am not looking to spend 10k on an engine. The car is a weekend joy ride kind of car, so simple rebuild is what i had in mind. I live in Hawaii, but my z is in vegas (home town) at my friends house. I have been wanting to ship it out to my duty station but can't do that since it does not drive at the moment. Any input would be appreciated, thank you for your input.
  8. Question of the day!

    I have heard that as well.... i have always wondered. I was thinking of just getting a truck, and ship the z because your right the tow dolly, and gas, and bla bla bla it sounds like it could be a pain/expensive. My gal has never really been across america and ive driven it at least 4 times and thought it be a nice way to show her the beauty of this country..... minus those borring and falt states lol
  9. Question of the day!

    wow i guess i under estimated the power for the v6 thanks for the info brother!
  10. Question of the day!

    Was your Z on a full dolly? or just the ones that have two wheels on the front wheels? I assume its easier for the truck to pull a dolly that has the car completely off the road, but then again i am new to towing.... Did you do any modifications to the Xterra like headers or things like that?
  11. Question of the day!

    Hey gang! So here is the question, what is a good Truck (reasonably priced) Truck that i could use to tow my 71? I currently live in Hawaii but am moving back state side. MD to be exact and my z is in Las Vegas, and i want to pick up a truck in Vegas and drive it to MD. This wont be a Daily but will be used to tow cars to track events and hauling supplies for when i get a house and all that jazz, what do you guys run? What do you like and dislike about your truck? Do i have to have a big bad V* or is a V6 more then capable for the job. Mahalo !
  12. FS: 1972 240z part out

    Would you still happen to have the turn signal switch?
  13. Help me idenify this wing on my 240z

    i've seen a few of these they i believe are the F40 style wing, though i do believe that it is not a NISMO model but thats just me, when i was living in japan the old school dealer down the street had a S30 widebodyed the heck out and then had a simular wing.
  14. 83 zx turbo complete part out

    Do you happen to still have the oil cooler?
  15. 72 240z turn signal

    no love?