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  1. nismoztune

    My first Z

    This was my first Z .
  2. nismoztune

    How NOT to tow a car

    Check this one:
  3. Hello: I like to get two sets (gnose) or where to get it. thanks.
  4. nismoztune

    Parts resource for Z cars.

    Thanks v8260 other link: Too Intense Restoration:http://www.datsunrestore.com/
  5. nismoztune

    LS2 Swap Walk Around Video...

    Sergio: How much cash you put on this swap? because Im looking to do a LS1 on my Z. Thanks. Carlos.
  6. nismoztune

    Parts resource for Z cars.

    I like to open this thread,to have source for rare and hard to fiend Z parts, any member is welcome to post. thanks.
  7. nismoztune

    Wheel Sources Links...

    Is a hybridZ Member?
  8. nismoztune

    Healight Covers - Metal Trim

    If some one have the gnose or the regular, to use for moldings and fabricate please let me know. thanks.
  9. nismoztune

    Healight Covers - Metal Trim

    Well I whant two sets for my cars, for g-nose and the other regular with the metal trim. please let me know the price. thanks.
  10. nismoztune

    Healight Covers - Metal Trim

    I need a set for G-nose (please if you know where to get it, let me know. thanks.
  11. nismoztune

    My Hybrid Z

  12. nismoztune

    FLARES: which ones look good together? Ideas!

    Akira Z full work spoiler from arita spped.
  13. nismoztune

    Custom L24 intake

    nice set up SU . Ron ( Ztherapy)