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  1. Top chop update

    Thank you guys. Since I finished this body restauration, I started my new job in a body shop. This project brought me toch a New level. The door mirror is nog vibrating since I untighten the screw.
  2. Top chop update

    Thank you guys. And still under construction.
  3. Top chop update

    Finaly on the road. Good company.
  4. Top chop update

    Today out in the sun. Time to check the alignment of the panels and seams. The car is to low in the front and the to do list is getting shorter. This is a very nice angle. I like the shape very well. I cant wait to drive ......
  5. Top chop update

    It looks like a real car. The end is near.
  6. Top chop update

    A sneak peak
  7. Top chop update

    At this time, I am celebrating the projects 10th year under construction anniversary. Still progress and there is light at the end of the tunnel. To be continued.
  8. Top chop update

    In the last weeks, I got the electrical system tested and the engine running. I had some issues with some modifications and a frozen fuel pressure regulator. Sometimes I have to work under supervision.
  9. Top chop update

    Last years he learned me some tips and tricks. He supplied me all the connectors. I bought the right tools and had Xander as backup. Good progress at this time.
  10. Top chop update

    First time outside this year. airdam and wheel clearance check
  11. Top chop update

    Engine ready to install Modified S14 gearbox Engine in place and modified electrical system. to be continued....
  12. Top chop update

    The brake line is sold at an automotive supply shop, so thats fine. Some progress.
  13. Top chop update

    Progress. Rear suspension assembled. And almost fitted under the body.
  14. Top chop update

    The copper is sold on a roll with a diameter from approx 350mm and i used a length of 7.5metres. The line to the back of the car was fine. I measured the stock length of the line that i wanted to copy and straigtend the copper line on a wooden block in the vice and tapped it gently with a plastic or wooden mallet. To bent the line i used a piece of tube with 40 mm diameter. With a special tool can you make the flare on the end of the line. Good luck and be patient.
  15. Top chop update

    Brake lines fuel lines and some electrical wiring installed in the body. On the battery location will be the cng evapourator and the coolant catchtank.