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  1. I have 2 pairs of z31 300zx turbo rear cv axels. Used condition. but in good shape. I was going to use them in my cv axle conversion swap for my 240Z. I decided to go another rout and so i'm selling all the parts for the conversion.$300 for a pair of the axels. 1 left and 1 right axle. Not both pairs. I also have the custom made 4 bolt companion flanges brand new for sale $400. Also have the custom shorter half shafts brand new for sale $400. see last picture. I can ship them anywhere if you pay for shipping. Reply to the thread or call or text Edan (818) 636 - 2797
  2. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    I read the same thing and decided on the 7/8 clutch master cylinder. I haven't driven the car yet, so I can't say how it feels. It was easy to install

    We could easily make them, they would cost around $800/ pair. We dont sell to many of the regular ones so I'm not sure if it will be worth it to make a batch.
  4. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    I'm using the JTR mounts.
  5. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Sounds good to me Jim! I'm excited to have you run our system on your car!
  6. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Hey Jim, Thanks for your support! I'm sure you will be amazed at the difference these brakes will make. I can't wait to see them installed! As always, let me know if you have any questions. Edan
  7. Silver Mine Motors March 2016 sale!!!!!

    To order with discounted prices email: [email protected] send me your: Shipping address Parts desired Thanks!
  8. Silver Mine Motors March 2016 sale!!!!!

    Here are a few pictures of the brake upgrades that are on sale.
  9. Silver Mine Motors March 2016 sale!!!!!

    We are having a crazy sale next month. prices have never been this low!!! In order to celebrate our 9th year of being in business we have decided to give Hybridz forum members a discount on all our brake upgrades! This year we also have 5 lug front hubs, lower control arms and TC rod, and wilwood brake kits all on sale! The sale will be for the month of March 2016 Pm or email me for these prices [email protected] Or call me at (818) 636-2797 The sale prices are as follows: Stage 4 front kit (s30) = $440 Stage 3 front brake kit (s30) = $300 (240z kit is $370) Rear stage 4 brake kit (s30) = $700 S30 rear disk conversion kit $550 280zx /510 stage 4 front kit = $500 510 rear disk conversion = $500 S30 5 lug rear stub axles = $300 S30 5 lug Front aluminum hubs = $385 Adjustable Front lower control arms (S30) = $200 Adjustable caster TC rod (S30) = $200 Front Wilwood brake upgrade (large calipers) = $800 Front Wilwood brake upgrade (small calipers) = $630 Rear Wilwood brake upgrade (large calipers) = $630 For more info. and full pictures Go to SilverMineMotors.com
  10. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    The 240z model was a very loud and uncomfortable car. I'v herd it compared to a coke can on wheels, and I kinda agree. That's why we installed rubberized Sound deadening on our interior. I'm hoping to reduce the road noise significantly. Also installed rear 7/8 sway bar. Realized our gas tank was full of rust so it is being chemically cleaned now. Check out the picture of the inside of the gas tank before treating. pretty rusty! Can't wait to see how it looks when it's back from treating. Started installing some exterior lights and emblems which were all restored. New Complete carpet kit being installed next.
  11. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    Been working 240z. Installed front and rear wilwood brake upgrades. Installation was easy. Also installed new Tie rods, Ball joints, Rack Boots, Lowering Springs and Tokico Shocks. Finished most of the engine just waiting for parts. Also need to change the fuel hard line since it's leaking. I made these how to install videos for the brakes:
  12. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    Update: We installed the accessory and belt system. Aluminum radiator and Taurus fan with all hoses and water block off plugs. Sent PCM out to get flashed. Started building intake system. Currently working on all the wiring and sensors. We are getting very close to starting this beast. So excited to hear it run. I can't wait to start working on my favorite part; brakes and suspension.
  13. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    Still working hard on the 240z. Been buying many parts and prepping the engine for the first start. Changed the clutch master cylinder with a Tilton unit. Running fuel lines and filters, changing oils, installing sensors and wiring. Deleted the A/C and powersteering pumps. Had a drive shaft made. Installed a WALBRO 255LPH fuel pump, and more.
  14. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    Finally got the car back from the paint shop. It looks Looks beautiful! Been hard at work. Re-installing body parts, Changing bushings, sway bars and Installing the Lt1 engine and T56 trans. So far things are moving fast with minimal complications. Here's a few pictures
  15. 240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    Still in paint, also been busy with work.