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  1. Also received mine today. Thanks Ryan, your the man! Let me know if you ever do a run in babies onesie's!!
  2. Clean looking build!! I've got a couple questions for you though, are you using the factory clutch master cylinder? What size primaries are your headers? I'm wondering because on hawk's site I saw everything from 1 3/4" TO 2" primaries. Or does any size fit?
  3. Round 2- 1976 280Z

    Thank you. Yes I've got some pent-up energy, but being inside for the last 6 days will do that to anyone.
  4. Round 2- 1976 280Z

    Well, it's been a long time coming, so I'll start with a little back story. When I was 16 in 2005 or so I bought my first Z, a very rust free and original 1972 240Z. Unfortunately at the time I didn't know much about cars. My dad and I were working on installing a stereo and got bit by the "while your at it bug" and decided to redo all the interior. The problem came when we ripped the dash out and didn't pay enough attention or label things. I attempted putting the dash back in a few times but always had connectors left over. So there my Z sat while I went to school, worked full time, chased girls, and got other projects and I had even gotten a few other Z's that I ended up parting out. I had always planned on figuring out the Z but never got around to it. Eventually in 2011 I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident that put me out of work for about a year, I had bills start to creep up on me so I sold my Z. Thankfully it went to a good home, it was shipped over to the U.K. To become a Win Percy replica car, but I had been regretting it ever since. My first Z when i sold Since selling the Z I did a lot of growing up, moved front Southern California to Oregon, got married, bought some other fun cars (2006 CTS-V and a 2011 WRX), a house, and got my wife pregnant in the end of 2016. At least several times a month I'd find my self looking on Craigslist for a Z, most up here in the PNW are in really rough shape due to all the moisture, and now these things are fetching top dollar, so all I was really doing was looking. In June of this year (2017) I found a Z in my town for $1,800 that looked to be in decent shape so I called the guy and left a message and never heard a response. A day or two later I was driving to work the same way I do every day and out of the corner of my eye I spotted what looked to be the Same Z! Later on in the day I stopped by and rang the doorbell and talked to the guy. He had only bought it about 9 months ago in hopes to restore but recently found his wife had cancer so just needed it gone. The Z looked pretty rust free for this climate, had some rust bubbles and a little rust I. The spare tire area and might need floors but that was about it. The owner said it ran on starting fluid but needed a fuel pump so I asked him to show me. After tossing in a battery and spraying some starting fluid the thing actually lit up, and didn't sound half bad either! So I told him I'd have to talk to my wife but was very interested. He said he had some one coming to pick it up tomorrow but he was on a first come first serve basis. So right away I called my 7 month pregnant wife asking if I could buy the Z, I'm sure most people out there could guess her reaction. I mentioned it was pretty rust free, would run with little effort, and the price was right. She mentioned we were about to have a baby and all the expenses that would come with it. We were arguing a little and I wasn't gaining any traction when I then lost service and the call was dropped. I called her back maybe 15 minutes later when I regained service and she said I could get the car, to this day I have no idea what changed her mind. The deal was I could buy the Z but needed to pay back the money to our savings account as fast as possible and couldn't use money from my paycheck and I couldn't put any money into the car until I payed it off. So I hauled ass to the bank and then to the owner of the Z, I was able to talk him down to $1600 and we made the deal. He then brought out some bill of sale paperwork, I mentioned his ad said he had a clean title. He told me the car does have a clean title but the owner before him had lost it. Great... I had agreed to buy this car, wanted this car, but it didn't have a title. I looked at the documentation, and it all look good, but what do I know. So I gave him the money and picked up the Z later that day. After towing the Z home, I found the clutch and brake hydraulics were shot, not a big deal but I wanted to get it up my sloped driveway and into the garage. So I threw the car in 1st, put a battery in it, and loaded the intake up with starting fluid. I started turning the key and to my amazement the car chugged it's way up the driveway and into my garage. I was finally able to give the car a good look over, the vehicle hasn't been registered since 1996! The fuel pump wasn't running with direct power applied, the clutch and brake hydraulics were shot as mentioned above, and really that was my starting point to getting this thing on the road. I "traded" some work for a fuel pump which I then installed and looped in a fuel filter before the pump since there was a little sediment after draining the fuel tank. As well as replaced the fuel filter at the fuel rail. After priming the pump the Z actually fired up but had some hesitation. After letting it run for a little, I gave it some gas and the heater hose burst open shooting coolant everywhere. So I replaced the heater hose with some universal 5/8 hose. I threw in some sea foam which helped the hesitation some, I think there is some garbage in the injectors. I also pulled the plugs and ran some sand paper on them and re gaped them and checked the timing. I then figured out why the driver door wouldn't lock, the lock actuator on the door latch was rusted frozen so while pulling the window frame to get the latch out, I broke the 2 bolts that go through the door to the window frame at the front. So it was time to pull out the drill and tap set. Thankfully I was able to loosen up the lock mechanism and it now works like a charm. The passenger door wouldn't open from the outside which I found was due to a broken door handle. I was able to find a used one on eBay for $15 shipped. The Z came with a fiberglass 240Z series 1 Air damn which I installed even though it fits horribly and has has the openings for the turn signals, I'd still say it looks better than the big ugly bumpers that the 280's came with. That gets you guys pretty much up to speed on my newly acquired Z. I did go to the DMV with the documentation and paper work I had. It turns out everything was correct and I got the title a couple weeks later. And my wife and I had our son just the other day on August 26th! The plans for the Z are strictly low budget right now. I will be keeping the L series for a while, hopefully find an F54 flat top short block to put under the N42 head I have and throw in a cam. I am currently thinking of swapping to a 4barrel intake manifold but am open to other affordable intake options so I'll just wait and see what comes my way. Probably upgrade to Toyota calipers up front and disks out back. But more than anything the current plan is to just get the thing on the road and drive it to catch up on all those years my other Z sat in the garage. It feels good to be back in the Z game!
  5. 1 Black short sleeve XXL 1 Black hoodie XL Shipped to 97303
  6. Z Fever has kicked in hard, again

    Well after having sold my Z almost 6 years ago, and after searching for the past few years for another on and off, I FINALLY found a Z in decent enough condition to buy. Bought a 76 280Z last week, Felt the price was right and its got minimal rust compared to a lot of the other Z's I've seen in the PNW, but it looks like the floors will have to be replaced, other than that everything else is minor surface rust. Tested the fuel pump which is getting power but not working so I have to start there, runs well on started fluid though! Master cylinder is seized, and clutch slave cylinder is dumping fluid. But other than that, it looks like I got a decent Z for what I paid and what they are going for now a days. Plan is to get it running and road worthy and just drive it when I can, tackle projects a weekend at a time, after the last Z I want to spend more time driving than wrenching
  7. 280Z bumpers

    I have front and rear bumpers off my 76 280z for sale. Chrome is in pretty good shape, and they are ding free. on the backside of the bumpers there is some rust. These do not come with any of the rubbers as they were all dried out and sun rotted. $100 each prefer local pickup
  8. Atomic EFI

    I've wanted to do this for a year or so now, maybe even run some boost! Many companys are making these self learning TBI and MPI setups, Holley, Edelbrock, MSD, and Fast to name a few. I think the biggest plus to a self learning system like the Atomic EFI and the many others that are out there is that I don't have to pay anyone to tune it or try and figure it out my self! Would love to see some builds!
  9. 4 barrel TBI EFI systems

    Need a Z first =/ I came from Southern California where rust free Z's were plentiful. Up here in the Pacific North West all the Z's in my price range that I've looked at are rust buckets...
  10. 260z Drivetrain and Other Parts

    what 4 barrel manifold and how much for the manifold only?
  11. auto to manual trans swap newbie question

    awesome, unfortunately none of the pics work anymore in your build thread. do the auto trans cross members work? And will I need a manual trans drive shaft?
  12. auto to manual trans swap newbie question

    is it as simple as swapping trans, flywheel, clutch, pedals, clutch master, slave cylinder, and lines,and cutting hole in floor board? will i need a different crossmember as well? going to look at what seems to be a great priced 1972 240Z tomorrow and its auto and that just wont do. any info on parts or tricks I'll need would be greatly appreciated. will all holes (threaded or not) that i will need be there besides the hole for the shifter?
  13. 1972 240Z Race Car Build

    glad to hear 245/45/16's fit with the eibachs and 0 offset! I've read of lots of people complianing about rubbing even with 225's and tokicos
  14. 4 barrel TBI EFI systems

    Has anyone used one of the many new TBI 4 barrel EFI systems? I am really curious how these are working with the L series engines and 4 barrel manifolds. Holley, Fast, Edelbrock, and MSD all make them and many more. Most are not boost applicable but MSD just came out with one called atomic EFI that will support 525hp and up to 14psi of boost! I am Zless at the moment but would really like to try this route once I get another Z. Just curious if anyone has had any experience with these "easy" to use systems.
  15. Z Fever has kicked in hard, again

    Rewind back to high school in 2006 and just learning to drive I bought a clean rust free 1972 240Z, installed a few easy parts to make her roadworthy and drove her for a little, then my dad and I pulled the dash to replace bulbs, and we bed lined the dash to cover the cracks (looked pretty good actually) and while doing so we got bit by the while we’re at it bug and attempted a full interior restore. Then we forgot where everything went over time and the car sat. Went to college and built a 3.1L for it and once I was done decided I wanted to go a different route. I had many parts from cars I had parted out, triples, R200's L28et, L31, T5, and many other miscellaneous parts, still never getting my Z together, come 2011 I was involved in a pretty bad motorcycle accident that left me unemployed for almost a year. In that time the finances were low and I ended up selling the Z and all my parts. It went to a good home at least. A guy bought it to ship to England and make a Win Percy replica race car. any ways in late 2012 my civil suit (from the motorcycle accident) finally came to a close and I was left with a pretty good amount of cash so instead of going back into the Z world I went into the V world, I bought a 2006 CTS-V and have been loving it! I’ve throw on longtubes, custom exhaust with high flow cats, UD pulley, Fast 102 intake with ported throttle body, Intake etc. Love the car! Fast, handles well, and fits 4 comfortably. Lately I’ve been wanting an older project car and have been looking for camaros and novas but just realized what I really want is another Z! Don’t really have too much cash so I’m trying to trade my 1995 jeep grand Cherokee for one so if you know anyone indeed of an SUV let me know! I hope to be back in the Z game soon and I will be browsing the site catching up the few years of info! It’s great to be back!