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  1. kenny_b

    76 280Z Part Out everything must go!

    Do you still have the front strut housings?
  2. Alright, so back when I was planning on making my Z31 race car I figured it would be nice not to need the power steering pump and such. I went to find a manual rack, but the closest I could find was "blocking the ports" on a regular one. I had this rack made to specs, meaning all the measurements line up, no differences to the original to avoid bump steer and "off" toe angles while driving. I never actually started this project as I found it much easier to do an S30 without smog hassles in California. So, here it is for a fraction of the price I paid. $200 plus shipping.
  3. I bought this a while ago, but now I have an S30 chassis and I am selling my Z31 stuff. Never installed, still in box (see pictures). $40 + shipping. A1 CARDONE FRICTION CHOICE BRAKE CALIPER, UNLOADED, NATURAL FINISH, REMANUFACTURED Bring back the braking power of your vehicle with A1 Cardone Friction Choice Brake Caliper. This high quality brake caliper guarantees your vehicle with stopping power you need each time you want to stop. Features: With Pre-lubricated guide bolts on mounting bracket that prevents seizing 100 percent OE like rubber seals to guarantee factory-like performance Tested with 100 percent pressure to ensure proper braking function Trouble-free bleeding and positive seal which is provided by the new bleeder screws Offered with or without mounting bracket to give you choices of configurations that best meets your needs Item Details:Includes mounting hardware Does not include brake pads and mounting bracket Series:A1 Cardone Friction Choice Location:Front, Driver Side Material:OE Replacement Type:Unloaded (Caliper Only) Color/Finish:Natural Condition:Remanufactured Product Fit:Direct Fit Does Not Include:Brake pad(s), bracket(s) Includes:Mounting Hardware This product fits the following 1987 Nissan 300ZX submodels 1987-1989: Turbo; 6 Cyl 3.0L; "Turbocharged" 1987-1988: 2+2; 6 Cyl 3.0L; "Turbocharged"
  4. kenny_b

    Need late 260Z wiring diagram

  5. kenny_b

    looking for ONE eagle alloy

    oh. just looked at it. don't have one that looks like that, sorry...
  6. kenny_b

    Need your opinion...

    That was me mentioning the different color... Glad you didn't take it! Good luck with your search... And your grad and finding a job and...
  7. kenny_b

    Battery cable lug crimping

    Oh, and since you're doing this, I found a battery distribution block to be a very neat thing to have. In case you are putting your battery in the trunk or so that is...
  8. kenny_b

    Battery cable lug crimping

    I used a VERY thick wire (4 gauge I believe) and crimped some battery-terminal ends from my auto parts store on it. Works great. For trouble free longevity though, I'd have to agree with dr_hunt; nothing beats soldered connections, even though you could just crimp it and look at it in one year or so and see, if anything is wrong with it. Leave a little extra slack on it, just in case it does go bad and you need to cut a fresh end...
  9. kenny_b

    Need your opinion...

    It has a few nice things like the msa body kit or the rims (if you like 'em), but the drivers side floor pan is bad. Usually rust doesn't just appear in one spot, so make sure you poke other spots from underneath. Generally, a car with a shot interior and not run for over a year would not be worth 2000 to me. The oil pan looks like oil did leak, running down on it. The different paint color inside the trunk could mean it had a rear end collision at some point, and the fact that the guy has two transmissions leads me to believe there was something wrong with the original transmission, I'd assume the one installed, since the automatic shift lever looks original. Now, not seeing the car I don't want to discourage you, but I do strongly recommend to take it to a car shop and have it thoroughly inspected. Rather lose 100 bucks on that than waste 2000 on a car that may or may not only be worth 500, if that. Either way, good luck with this or any other car you will get! Kenny
  10. kenny_b

    looking for ONE eagle alloy

    do you have a picture of what you are looking for? I have 2 rims that size off of a Z, but no clue what they are...
  11. I don't mean to burst your bubble here, but on carparts.com I just saw thesame exact seats for $290 a piece. Including shipping... I understand you have belts with 'em, but still - $650 seems kinda steep...
  12. kenny_b

    Clutch hose AN size confusion

    ANPlumbing.com has 'em all, but as stated below, get the AN-3 fittings that connect directly to master and slave cylinders - more fittings = more trouble sources... Bleeding an OEM slave cylinder is a @#$%^. For the 1993 - 1997 Camaro/ Firebird (external slave, not hydraulic throw-out) you have to take the slave off, hang it lower than the master (in Z-cars they usually are lower), open the reservoir, push the slave in about 3/4 to 7/8 and hold, close the reservoir and then pump the slave in and out until no more bubbles rise. This is especially hard if you have a non-transparent reservoir, since you can't see whether there are bubbles or not. I had fun and I have no idea if it even worked. Will see when the driveshaft goes in and I can test-run the engine... Cheers, Kenny
  13. kenny_b

    '73 240z black seats

    Can you post some pics??
  14. kenny_b

    need 87 or 88 turbo brake calipers/ hubs

    Yeah, but this wasn't your thread, 1badzx - I still do need the hubs! However, I was offered the calipers (see below) and bought them. Hubs, anyone?? Thank you!
  15. kenny_b

    need 87 or 88 turbo brake calipers/ hubs

    Cool! My email is kenny_b at web.de