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  1. Drive one and you will know. I have as well 2 muscle cars. Its just another league.
  2. munters

    123 Ignition distributor?

    When you buy the Fast Ignition box you will have a install Manual, I made it exactly the way they say it and it works. The only thing I added was the tacho Adapter from MSD (I already had its I think 8920) But If I remember correctly, "distributer to the Coil" goes to "FAST from Distributor" and "FAST to coil" goes "to coil".
  3. With 16x7 +4 and 225 50 rub on the right valance tip, clear inside and back with stock spring. 205x55 all clear.
  4. Thanks for the answer but I don't find this guys at the carb. The only i can find are always those guys. and If I find a screw through version then without idle or for the other side of the carb. Marcel
  5. Go for it My story was similar. 28 years in my garage and 3 times mooving (hawy rotted). 2 years of restauration (tons of money in parts) and 2 years of driving I would do it again and i will never sell it. Love to drive it. I wish you not luck, but a lot of will pation and partner/friends understanding.
  6. A question where did you find the throttle lever with a hole (screw through) and idle adjustement for the left carb side? Thanks Marcel
  7. munters

    45 DCOE Setting for modified L28 3.0 engine

    I guess you will have a "hot" cam. I would start with w50 and vf tubes from keith frank at yahoo dcoe group. W50 is for avacuum below 19hg. Otherwise it would be a hypojet26 alsi from keith. Im running his jets and they are incredible better then weber jets. Grüsse aus der Schweiz
  8. munters

    Cylinder Head Flow Numbers

  9. munters

    Cylinder Head Flow Numbers

    There was a chart with min max flow for all heads. I think braap or blake did it. Search is your friend.
  10. I would fix the cause and not putt a band-aid. Change the MC. I installed a bigger clutch MC and changed it finally because of a to hard pedal for my wife and addressed the cause(wrong throw out bearing) learned my lesson...
  11. munters

    240z Dashes

    But not oem like like this one...
  12. Onether point. The bigger the mc the more force needed for the same pressure. Why did you go with a 1inch mc and stock brakes?
  13. I peronally would not cut so low. More meat underneat gives more styrdiness. I would keep 2 inches... just my opinion.
  14. munters

    Solid axle rear conversion.

    Why should someone go back in time? Maybe just my opinion.
  15. munters

    tripple carb hesitation

    Its quite a bit to know. Depending on your vacuum level at idle tells you how many progression holes you need. Is your ignition correct, valve gap correct, fuel level correct, then you start to fiddle wirh your carbs. The second question do you want to go the weber way (then read the carb section) or modern way (then go to the yahoo dcoe group).