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  1. jap tin

    Is my 1973 240z an origional scarab?

    I have the same sticker from the BAR on my Z but with a 62 327. I put in the early engine when I had to smog it years ago. Back then you would smog to the engine not the chassis. It was probably built with the kit they sold. Not sure of worth but there is the old saying, it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it at the time that your willing to selling it.
  2. jap tin

    Is my 1973 240z an origional scarab?

    Yours could have been built with the kit they sold. It came with mounts, headers, radiator, driveshaft , ect.
  3. jap tin

    SBC Msd ignition issue

    Put on a new rotor.
  4. jap tin

    SBC Msd ignition issue

    Put on a new rotor.
  5. jap tin

    327 v8 240z. Swap or build?

    Nothing wrong with the worthless old school small block Chevy. My race 240Z went 8.46 in the quarter with one carb and gas, no turbos, nitrous , blower ect. Normaly asperated. My street Z, a 71 with the Scarab kit runs plenty strong with a 327 and 4 speed.
  6. jap tin

    Electric Fans that Actually Cool?

    Yes. I used the schroud that champion supplied with the radiator. The engine is a fairly hot soild lifter 327.
  7. jap tin

    Electric Fans that Actually Cool?

    I have the Champion 4 row Z radiator in my Z. The fans that come with them suck, but not in a good way. I switched to a pair Spal pullers 30102054 which were better but still didn't cut it. I went back to a 6 blade mechanical fan, 15" with aluminum blades and that helped but still wasn't there even with a high flow waterpump being overdriven. Now I put a pair of Spal pushers, 30102806 on it along with the mechanical fan and it is fixed. Driving in town in 105 degree heat today it worked fantastic.The only problem is that the fans pull a lot of amps but the alt I put on can handle it. The fans run off a pair of 50 amp relays and switch on at 185 and off at 175. When they come on they run for under a minute and then switch right off.
  8. jap tin

    1970 240z Brake upgrade

    I just got the Arizona Z Car front brake kit for my 71 240Z. The calipers are wilwood 120-11133 and the rotors are 160-2894 and 160-2895. Maybe Dave will sell you the hats and caliper brackets and you can get the wilwood parts over there ?
  9. I would probably go LS 1 if I were to do a new Z. i'm way old school, 1962 327 & 4 speed in a 71 Z .
  10. jap tin

    Commuter opinions? Yaris?

    My brother has 100K on his 07 Yaris. not one problem.. Good mileage maker.
  11. jap tin

    high watt headlight bulbs

    I have some concave Cibie headlamps in my Z with 45/40 incadescent bulbs. They have an odd ball P45T base and I found some Halogen 60/55 and 100/80 bulbs for it.Will I have any problems running the 100/80 bulbs as long as I run them off of relays ?
  12. jap tin

    High watt headlight bulbs

    I have some old Cibie concave headlights in my Z that came with a P45T base bulb. The old bulbs are 45/40 watt incadescent bulbs. I found some 60/55 watt and 100/80 watt halogen bulbs with the P45T base. Should I have any trouble running the 100/80 bulbs?
  13. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CEwQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nelsonracingengines.com%2F&ei=SZ33T8mANuje2QX0-YG-BA&usg=AFQjCNEHnzld2Ad-33SwonFmyquGA11rug&sig2=hl1tRejRUpmaCOV5ffdhOA These guys are pretty good.
  14. jap tin

    low profile distributor

    Running MSD dist with mag pickup and vac advance. along with a MSD 6600 HVC box. This is a small cap MSD dist with external coil.
  15. jap tin

    New weatherstrip alternative

    Sealed like a champ.No problem at all. Should have done it sooner.