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  1. Custom Fuel Rail

    Reach out to Pallnet, he has made many fuels rails for folks here. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/99098-pallnet-fuel-rails/
  2. ZX Weatherstripping Supplier Found

    My t-top zx needs doors seals too, I hope he can offer them.
  3. Looks like I missed out on this run, it there going to be another?
  4. 1977 280Z SWAP AC

    Will, I have a 77 280z with RB25DET Neo and I am running ac. I had no clearence issues with the RB AC compressor (looks to be the same as a 2000 sentra other than sentra has larger pulley). I did have a failure with my RB compressor so I switched to the 2000 Altima comprssor as it is more durable, I had to change the fittings on my lines at the compressor as the ports were located differently. The Altima is also physically larger. It still fit but was a tighter fit than the RB/Sentra compressor.