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  1. S30Z Bushido

    I can't see to start new topics

    I cannot start a new topic in the parts for sale area
  2. S30Z Bushido

    My 76 280z 1jz build thread

    extremely bad ass. get some video of this thing in action!!
  3. S30Z Bushido

    My car is finally back on the road!

    excellent example of an S30. I haven't posted on HybridZ in ages, but I had to let you know what an awesome job you've done. It makes me proud that the logo I designed for HybridZ is worn on your car.
  4. S30Z Bushido

    Top Gear vid with Zcars

    these are UK model cars. the UK 260Z is differently equipped than a US market 260Z. and if im not mistaken, the UK never recieved the 280Z.
  5. i bet the offset is crap...
  6. S30Z Bushido

    Front Suspension Swap question

    keep us posted, im very interested in seeing the final setup.
  7. S30Z Bushido

    New wheels

    best wheels ever to be fitted to a s130. the exhaust manifold is sexy too.
  8. S30Z Bushido

    now this is a nice z project...

    looking great man, im glad you're still working on this project. a few months ago i went over to classiczcars to see if you had any updates in your photo album and there werent any new pics so i thought maybe the project was defunkt. anyways good to see progress! keep it up
  9. S30Z Bushido

    This Airdam is awesome, how can i get it??

    that looks terrible. the lines dont flow at all...
  10. S30Z Bushido

    HAs Anyone thought about these T/Lights?

    i photoshopped the pic that 280zforce posted. It has stock zenki taillights. you can see more of the car here though... http://zhp.satokikaku.com/
  11. im pretty sure you could have gotten away with a roll and a bit of a pull.... i deinfetly would have changed tire sizes before i went as far as cutting my fenders. those wheels with zg's are going to be way sunken, if you do go that route at least get some spacers to try and push them out a bit... also, dont forget to weld the fender where you cut it.
  12. S30Z Bushido

    Talk about a WIDE body!

    ehhh. looks fat too me. too heavy looking.
  13. S30Z Bushido

    Diffusers and belly pans

    heres a photoshop that i did of the rear diffuser of a R34 GTR on my car if anyone is interested.
  14. S30Z Bushido

    Front Grill Replacement

    heres a grill i made for my 76 about almost 2 years ago, it's all stainless and aluminum, and still looks as good as the day i made it. excuse the crappy pics: before paint: i was thinking about maybe making a few and selling them, if there is interest that is. it is for a 280z but will fit 240's too, the thing is it takes a little tinkering to get it to clear the hood when you open it because of the flush look, but it's not difficult to make work.
  15. S30Z Bushido

    Calling all SR20 Powered Zs!!!

    Hugh, great news with the S30 SR20 plans. I'm always on freshalloy and your silver 180 was awesome, I'm sure the 240z will be even better, are you planning on just using the 240sx as a daily driver and keeping it stock or are you planning to modify it also?