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  1. HybridZ Apparel

    I'm in the same boat as junglist and would be willing to pay for a quality tshirt. Maybe have an option for either one if that wouldn't complicate things too much?
  2. mmm W7, very nice. Build looks to be coming along very well.
  3. Sportmax 002 16x8 group buy!

    C2AUTOSPL, are you still selling the 002's?
  4. Is this the early body style sportage?
  5. Brand New Flat-top OEM Pistons

    Haven't had a chance to get on here in a while but these are pending sale.
  6. Haven't had a chance to get on here in a while but these are pending sale.
  7. The ones with bolt holes.
  8. I've got a set of ZG Flares from Datsun Restore. They're brand new, I have drilled or mounted them. $175+shipping
  9. I've got a set of 6 new in box, OEM Nissan flat-top L28 pistons with pins and ring set. $250+shipping obo.
  10. Targa Top

    Here's a photchop I did for OTM's "Z car sketches & Ideas" thread a long time ago. http://forums.hybridz.org/showpost.php?p=787207&postcount=38
  11. Just get a continuance and save your money in the mean time.
  12. I also hate it when people say stuff like "costed" instead of "cost" and when they're too lazy to type "what" so they instead type "wut". And honestly, it even bugs me when people excessively use "text shorthand" in text messages lol.
  13. "Your" instead of "you're"?
  14. Thats a good photoshop if it was...