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  1. Blasting vs. sanding (rust repair)

    I totally agree of your opinion. That's the reason I sold my 240z and move onto current 280z.
  2. First Z!

    this is great deal! Congrats.
  3. WTB: 2.5" exhaust pipe (MSA 15-6308)

    Thanks for you information. I guess I should make custom pipe...
  4. Another Dash Restoration

    Looks great. What spray did you use?
  5. two prong (R - GW) I guess fuel pump
  6. 1. The two here that I am questioning is the three prong (WB - W - L) and the two prong (B - RL) That's for stereo
  7. RIP Joel Soileau

    RIP Joel.
  8. Finally sprayed my Z

  9. Just got mine today. Very nice! ARIGATO!
  10. Removing rear 280z bumper is a lot of work. You need to drop gas tank to remove bumper shocks. Good luck!
  11. After 3 years trouble shooting custom wiring... Finally, it's fired up!
  12. After battling wiring mess with power windows, power lock, Viper Security system, Alpine head set, finally, I figured out. I made mistake for custom starter relay wiring. I connect custom relay to Yellow/Black line to starter. That's causes breaking relay and frequently run starter even though after starting engine. I had to connect Black/Yellow instead!
  13. My plan was to use Series 1 240Z drive shaft which is shorter and should fit 71c conversion. However, I found out the pinion flange is different from R180 and R200. Thus, I need to shorten driveshaft. I brought 280Z drive shaft to SouthBay Driveline and they get it shorted $150 in a day!
  14. Can't log in from mobile

    I can login from Mobile browser with this new site. Thanks Dan. But since this new structure, I can't find "Recent Forum Post" screen. Is there?
  15. I got Subaru Forester 2014 (none Turbo) for daily driver for replacing HONDA CR-V 1996. It's good engine, but I hate modern console with big screen reflection!