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  1. New S30 Shock and Spring Option

    I could not say, never visually tested the full travel of suspension. I haven't felt a bind myself.
  2. New S30 Shock and Spring Option

    Yeah, that's how I installed them. Still working pretty well. Just tracked them in January and felt great. Tight course meant for gokarts.
  3. What is this noise?

    I haven't dropped the pan yet, but I did take a stethoscope to the motor and the noise sounds like something hitting the valve cover above cylinder 1. My timing chain had a decent amount of slack on the side opposite of tensioner, but I don't know how much is excessive, I could get a lot of deflection out of it(did not test to see if I could pull chain above sprocket, but will later) Oil pressure at track (from what I paid attention to) was normal, and it was the normal at idle and driving it home. As for rod knock, isn't a test for this to pull your plugs in pairs and see if the noise changes and if it doesn't, it's not the rods?
  4. I tried different washers and I got the copper crush washers(flat on one side, arched on other), no leaks ever since.
  5. My car recently developed this noise after 2 laps on a tight autox track, (2nd gear entire time). At first I thought it was knock, but I pulled the plugs in pairs (1/6, 5/2, 3/4) and the noise didn't change at all. Car appears to idle and drive fine. https://youtu.be/l2alL4qf-ho
  6. Thanks for the responses, I'll stop worrying then. I'll see how it behaves with new oil.
  7. For some background the L28ET has 500 miles on it, stock rebuild that I did . I've just recently started having an issue where my stock oil gauge will be below 0 like it's off, then bounce back to normal if I blip the throttle. It appears mostly at idle, but it happens once a day from what I've seen. When I watch it while driving it rises with RPM. Everything else appears normal and oil levels are fine. Anyone have any idea?
  8. Ah, perfect, I had found that thread before, but missed this image. For anyone who stumbles on this M22x1.50x30
  9. Apparently one of the giant bolts managed to wiggle itself free and is now gone forever. Does anyone know what size these are so that I can get a replacement?
  10. New S30 Shock and Spring Option

    The springs are linear. Ebay has correct photo.
  11. New S30 Shock and Spring Option

    Just an update Had these for close to a year and a half now. Shocks still feel the same, car is still the same height as when i last posted in july last year. Feel nice on canyon roads and over bumps too.
  12. 280zx Low rpm miss

    Have you done these yet? 1. Compression Test - should be pretty equal to each other varying by 5-10psi at most, you're looking for equal compression not high scores here. 2. Fuel Pressure Test - should be 32psi with vacuum hose off and then it should drop in pressure as it is vacuum referenced. 3. Ignition timing - get a timing gun on it and check what your timing is currently set at 800rpm idle. I believe base timing should be 8-10deg for N/A L28.
  13. turbo rebuild kits. need some advice on a good kit

    I've used gpopshop.com for two turbos and they're still running strong 2 years later.
  14. What's the potential of running a turbo on these heads? seems there is plenty of room for a nice manifold.
  15. I'm currently rebuilding my motor so I want to reuse my arp head studs. Does anyone know the part number for replacements? Thanks, Mil