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  1. R200 Center Question

    Just ran home for lunch to check and realized its an r180. Has a tall and skinny looking rear cover. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. R200 Center Question

    I'll have to take a picture when I get home to verify that it's an R200. I'll also post a picture looking into both sides. I bought it from a junk yard and they said they polled it out of a 79 N/A manual trans 280zx. I called them again today to verify that's what it came out of and they said that's what it was from and explained the whole bolted u joint bit to me.
  3. R200 Center Question

    I've tried searching but haven't had much luck. Recently I purchased an R200 from a 280zx, when it arrived it didn't have the output/side flanges in it. When looking inside I noticed the center had a block in it with a threaded hole. I called the person I bought it from and was told this style didn't have side flanges and the u joint had a long bolt that went through and held it in place rather then a snap ring. My question is, can I use the snap ring style side flanges in it? If not am I able to have a shop swap the 280z R200 center that uses the snap ring flanges in it without any issue? Sorry if these sound like dumb questions.
  4. Corn eater here

    Unfortunately she was sold separately. However she did come with a Honda ruckus and a second girl.
  5. Corn eater here

    The civic runs on e85. Conversion was a million times easier then everyone makes it sound. Been running it for about 3 years now, only complaint is the burnt popcorn smell and the horrible gas mileage. I don't really have any good photos to show it, other then a flex fuel badge I put on it and a yellow pump handle.
  6. Corn eater here

    I've been looking at a lot of things on this forum for a while now, decided it was finally time to say my hello. I'm from Iowa, hence the corn eater title. I have a few cars, was a big Honda fan for a few years and still am one. I've got a 97 civic that's my show car. A little over a year ago I happened to stumbled across a 76 280z instantly falling in love. Following that I bought one of my dream cars a 92 240sx (not much of a big time dreamer). Anyway, thought I would say hello and post a pic or two.
  7. Crank Pulley 280z

    Thank you lowrider.
  8. Crank Pulley 280z

    In need of a crank pulley for my 76 280z, the one I have seperated into 2 peices and it's the only car I have to get to and from work at the moment. If anyone has one they would like to sell for a decent price my number is 515-249-9531 I'm located in Des Moines, IA 50321
  9. Hello from Iowa

    Finally got around to joining the forum. Just entered the Z car world about a year ago when I picked up a 76 280z. I've been building Honda's for too many years and grew tired of all the punk kids. I'm still working on Honda's though so don't think I've entirely jumped ship. Also I've been working on Nissan's as well so it wasn't a bandwagon thing for me to get a Z. A little bit about myself. Well, at the moment I have 4 cars. I daily drive my 92 240sx (sr20, stance coilovers, stripped and caged with a single sparco seat) she's my baby and treats me right. Next in line is my 97 Honda civic, I've got a lot of custom work done to it, I don't even know where to start when talking about that car so I'll try to get some pics up soon to show my work. Next I have my 91 civic awd wagon for when it snows out. Last but not least is my newest project which will hopefully be replacing my civic, 76 280z. Like I said I'll try to get some pics up soon for you guys, nice to meet all of you.