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  1. I had an issue finding someone to machine my bellhousing too. Finally found a guy by word of mouth that was a machinist specializing in heavy duty diesel and marine. Ended up paying $200 and was done in 1 day. Everything was done with precision and accuracy. Maybe try calling some semi-truck shops.
  2. Wanted, P90 two piece thermostat housing

    I have a 2 piece thermostat housing from my p90. Let me know if that is what you are looking for...
  3. Parts car to cut misc panels

    If anyone has a parts car or old panels that they can cut up im looking for a passenger side quarter panel end/ dog leg and a drivers side taillight surround/ quarter panel corner. If you have a car you can cut up or those parts, please PM me.
  4. Trying my luck to see if anyone might have a passenger side dog-leg repair panel before I buy one online. Please let me know if you have one and how much you want for it. Thanks
  5. WTB: Triple Carb Set up and ignition

    I have a never before used Electromotive XDI ignition system plus a BHJ 60-2 pulley and another OEM Hyundai 60-2 pulley included with it. Let me know if you are interested...
  6. Payment sent for the ZG flares! Thanks!
  7. I have a factory engine harness from an 81 turbo. Located in SF. PM if you need more pics or info. Open on price or for trade.
  8. WTT/WTB: 280z (taller) strut insulator mounts

    Got a set of 4 in the mail today from another member. Thanks everybody for the PMs and swift responses. Mods, please close!
  9. Got my coilovers welded on and turned out a tad lower than i was hoping for, so looking for a pair or even better a set of 4 280z rear insulator mounts. I have a set of 4 240z mounts in good condition i can trade or just buy yours flat out. Let me know your price shipped to SF 94121. Below is the picture of the difference of the 240z vs 280z mounts for reference.
  10. Got an extra set of chokes from weber 40s dcoe. 32mm all in great condition. Asking $85 shipped OBO for all 6 or open to trades.
  11. I wish i was more proficient with carbs and could just answer that, but here are a few pictures of the bottom of the carbs. Just as a side note, the orangy brownish stuff on the carbs is not rust, just some kind of build up from being stored for so long. Im almost positive it will all come off with a a quick dip in the hot tank.
  12. Finally upgraded to 45s so the mikuni 40s setup is for sale. Pretty much what you see pictured is what is included. A set of 3 Mikuni 40PHH carbs, 3 rebuild kits (bought directly from Rebello), Cannon manifold, vibration dampeners, heat shields and a carb sync tool. I have NOT ran these personally as my car is still in progress, i would recommend rebuilding these before use as they were stored by previous owner for nearly 20 years. Im asking $1150 shipped for everything, which includes paypal fees and insurance. Please please please, dont offer me $500 when the rebuild kits alone are over $200, manifold is $400, dampeners $60, and so on.
  13. 240z Proportioning Valve

    Bought a new wilwood adjustable valve. Please close thread