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  1. Help Fitting Zg fender flares front

    Hi thanks for all your input I think I'll leave the edge as it is when it's cut
  2. Hi I'm currently in the process Of fitting my flares, I've cut out the front arches and fitted the flare but I'm unsure if I need to reinforce the front wing to take the flex out where I've taken the lip off or will it be ok ?
  3. whats those clips on your air dam? looks the bomb
  4. thanks for the quick reply ! im currently doing 1jz swap into my 240 but havent put a thread on here im on face book and my build is on zclub.net http://zclub.net/forum/hybrid-z-cars/21193-1jz-240z-conversion-restoration-ish.html
  5. hi what is a rear ST rear bar???? is it a rear mounted sway bar?? where do i buy 1 of these ??????
  6. http://s1069.beta.photobucket.com/user/mark240z/library/
  7. thanks R3VO 3VOM im well happy with them just cant wait to see them on the car!!!! truly a 1 off lol
  8. http://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u465/mark240z/38091674-C8CB-4234-9107-5E9D9C078D13-1912-0000024D010C8BB5_zps37f74ee5.jpg http://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u465/mark240z/7E349360-27CE-4725-B2C6-4907FD881FF7-1912-0000024CDAE10786_zpsb1a9115a.jpg dont know if that worked?? my mate at Pentek made these custom centres for my compomotive 3 piece splits, also laced together with fully custom grade 5 titanium bolts to a very high standard rears 11x15 fronts 9.5x 15
  9. My First Z Build-Road Course

    i hope the build hasnt come to a stop??????
  10. My First Z Build-Road Course

    any update on this bad boy my man????
  11. My First Z Build-Road Course

    where di you get the Megan/Mckinny from and prices please ??? and did the come with the camber plates? looking good im doing a simaler project my self but going down the 1jz road
  12. My First Z Build-Road Course

    any update ? im keen to see more
  13. My First Z Build-Road Course

    what size box section are you using to do the rails??? looks good keep up the good work my man!