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  1. DZ-Start Push button Ignition Kits F/S again

    Thanks Dan! I sent a PM
  2. DZ-Start Push button Ignition Kits F/S again

    What I really want is to not need keys at all. I want the doors to unlock when I get close to the car and lock when I walk away. I don't need the alarm so I could remove it if necessary... I just use it for the locks anyway. Thank you for your reply, Steve
  3. DZ-Start Push button Ignition Kits F/S again

    Dave, I have an old DZ-Start kit as well. I have an Alpine 8080 alarm from "way back" that has a fob to lock/unlock the doors and roll up windows...or will do it automatically when armed. Can the RFID option be tied into the alarm to arm/disarm with the proximity sensor? If not, I really just want the doors to lock and unlock with the proximity sensor...I could remove the alarm.
  4. Daves NEW Start/Stop Button Ignition System

    Payment sent. Forgot to tell you 1973 240z. Thank you!
  5. l24, triples and nitrous with t5 complete

    SOLD...to a good home.
  6. Any info on nos kit please that's exactly what I want to to my l24. How much hp shot on stock l24 ?



  7. I am selling my engine and transmission. This is a complete bolt in replacement. Selling as a complete package, not interested in parting out. It is on a pallet and will be crated to be shipped from Montana. The photos show everything that is included. Engine has approx. 20,000 miles on rebuild. Pictures are worth 1000 words, if you have any que. p.m. me. $2500.00 plus shipping Engine l24 with E88 head and 290/490 isky cam Transmission T5 including MGW shifter(Nice) Nitrous including controller and bottle. Sportsman fogger direct injected wet system Re-cored 3 row radiator New engine mounts New transmission mount Triple weber 40 dcoe with filters and canon manifold tapped with nitrous nozzles(Carbs set up by Pierre Z) Header with wrap Crane xr700 ignition Crane Hi-6 multi spark ect. ect. ect.
  8. Thanks Joel...! I would venture a guess that yours is much more fun to drive. Hopefully my whole lack of power thing will be cured before I get too old to drive it.
  9. Evos 9sec 2jz build

    Wow....just Wow. Great(amazing) job. My wife needs to look at this for perspective.
  10. Why NOT Northstar?!!!

    Well it's not "poop on a stick" but I just bought a roush tvs1900 supercharger (Eaton) for 5.3l gmt900 engines. Came with everything...intercooler, lower intake manifolds, larger injectors, cooler plugs...everything. Ad says 450hp/450ft.lbs. With a cam change guys are getting 500. The LC9 5.3l is all aluminum. Now I just need to save my pennies.
  11. is searching for more time.

  12. 1973 240-z

  13. I must say, your Z is a beauty!! Do you have a album to share?


  14. L28ET Motor

    I have an 83zxt. Full donor car.