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  1. Zetsaz

    TRZ body kit?

  2. I got it. If you quote any part of anyone's post they'll receive a notification. You can also tag now like this @wrenchtech
  3. One of the best. I love the molded flares and the subtle approach you've taken to the exterior appearance.
  4. They have two others that are more common, one with a blunt nose, and one with a G nose style front
  5. That was an old rendering for the Carbon Signal kit https://www.facebook.com/pg/carbonsignal1/photos/?tab=album&album_id=942013415847778
  6. Zetsaz

    Measurements for CD009 and R154 and trans tunnel

    That mounting point on the top side of the piece I gave you is the original fuse box and the smaller side farther to the passenger side should be the cigarette lighter
  7. If you don't get a response you can give me what you have from the bolt holes to that piece, and I can add that measurement to another from firewall to the cut we made.
  8. Zetsaz

    Ms3x install

    Glad you're working out the kinks, I have the same IAC setup going into mine when I get to installing MS3X.... should hopefully be able to learn from what you did and not suffer quite as much haha
  9. Zetsaz

    Cold air intake yes or no?

    Your air intake is already a cold air intake if you're running the stock one. If you want more induction noise and maybe less restriction then I guess you could replace the original air box with a cone filter, but realistically the change will be minimal since the stock position is already in front of the radiator in the coldest place you could put it.
  10. Zetsaz

    1977 280z Alternator upgrade

    That's correct. L should only come one when the key is turned, and S to 12v. Is that the right plug on your top picture? Been a little over a year since I did my upgrade, can't remember all the finer details.
  11. Zetsaz

    1977 280z Alternator upgrade

  12. Zetsaz

    Phantom Grip Pass or Fail

    I don't have personal experience with it, but most reviews I've read say don't bother. Better than nothing, but not really worth the trouble and cost if you're tearing open your differential anyway. You're better off with an OBX unit. Some light reading: https://mycomputerninja.com/?p=440
  13. @rturbo 930: It's the $100 series 1 shell I picked up. Pretty much just got it for the steering wheel and early style turn signals/tailights. Never would have picked it up if it cost me more. I could probably chop of the lower rear quarters. They seem to be in decent shape. You'd have to give me some sort of way to ID where you want me to cut from. Send me a PM to remind me to get you some pictures of the condition when I get the chance. @seattlejester: It'd definitely be nice to have some help taking some stuff apart, especially since my tool selection is limited. I probaby have enough room in my small storage room to put everything in, even if it's not ideal. Whenever you have a free night or weekend let me know, although weekends are usually my only time to see my girlfriend so she'd have to join in on the chaos haha.
  14. I'm all for that. I doubt the thing will sell, unless I basically give it away. the exterior looks half decent and some of the panels could still sell, but the floors and that passenger firewall area where the battery tray was chopped are so far gone that they're practically non-existent. Probably more valuable in scrap and for the bits and pieces I can use to help friends with their own projects. Do you have anything I could chop stuff with? I still need to build up more of my tools up here and I don't have any big cutting tools.