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  1. Ls1 pcm

    PCM mounted behind glove box, relays are passenger kick panel side.
  2. Another wheel group buy!

    I'd be in for a set of Rota wheels.
  3. You can find the coilovers from the main site http://jpngarage.com/ and navigating to bc racing coilovers > Datsun .
  4. Would you have to use your cars gas tank? Might be easier to separate in large gas cans or a spare tank.
  5. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Will, Thanks for all your work on this kit, totally understand the busy life. If you do make another batch in the future I'm interested. BC coil, and e-brake capable options.
  6. Without you and a half tank of gas would put you at about 2875 lbs. Not bad at all considering you have all the extras still in the car.
  7. If CX Racing had a auto kit I would buy it right now...
  8. Anyone used LED Headlights before?

    I'm also looking into LED headlights, another option is Philips 7" round LED headlamp. 12 year expected lifetime, standard H4 connector, and street legal. No experience, still browsing whats out there. Good find on the Truck-Light brand.
  9. Rust Threshold or Give-up?

    It's all a matter of time, money and motivation. I have seen some amazing restorations that I though were insane. Pretty much anything can be fixed on a car. How much are you willing to put into it and is is worth it to you? Those might be the right questions.... Then again that's just my opinion.