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  1. Thanks for the info. Yes I meant either would do a good job of consistency. Seems like ethanol and dry ice would be easier to manage. I'm going to talk to my local guy. He has the skills for sure it's just that I know the value of technology and precision and his gear is on the older side. My valve seat didn't fail due to lack of technology. It failed because of poor installation and a Serdi won't help that. Derek
  2. Project Binkey

    I like how they finally timed how long it took to make one of the parts. They really should buy a cheap CNC plasma table though. The guy has mad skills for sure but this is 2017 after all
  3. I believe I called him and he doesn't have a Serdi. He also seemed to take offense that I asked. Maybe I caught him at a bad time. I have a local guy here that can do it with the older style equipment. I'm really thinking about cutting the seat pockets on mine myself. I mean it's in the 4th axis and it should be more accurate than lining up via the guide. A tech at Ferrea told me about mixing dry ice and acetone to shrink the seats. Or I may look at nitrogen. It seems that shrinking the seats in a controlled bath would give predictable results. My guides and seats were installed by someone who was very capable. They were just having a bad day. I'm hoping to minimize that by going with the Serdi. I may be fooling myself though. Thanks Derek
  4. RIP Joel Soileau

    Man that really sucks. I was just exchanging PMs a month or so ago. So sad. My condolences.
  5. Replacing dash with dash cover

    Those are all the pics I have. I will say that it is still in perfect shape with no de-lamination and up until I blew the motor it was parked out in the Florida heat every day. Realistically I'm thinking it's better than stock as far as longevity goes. I did the SEM fill the crack method and it just cracked in another place. Anything you paint on is a temporary fix. My experience thermoforming speaker panels made me realize the problem isn't the quality of the cover but the stresses put against it when you install it.
  6. Question for you Florida peeps. I'm looking for a machine shop in central florida with a Serdi valve machine. After my problem with V1 dropping a seat I'm inclined to steer away from any shop that doesn't do seats on a regular basis or with a modern machine. Rebello is hooked up with someone but I really don't want to ship my head across the country and back if I don't have to. Thanks Derek
  7. Replacing dash with dash cover

    Caps get a bad rep because they don't fit perfectly and then they are installed poorly. If you look at what I had to do in my thread in order to get it to fit you'll see that there is a ton of material that needs to be removed.
  8. Replacing dash with dash cover

    Here is how I did mine.
  9. Does auto body paint go bad?

    Silly me:)
  10. Does auto body paint go bad?

    Single stage or base/clear. What brand. Absolutely need new hardener. If you are paying to get it done you may have trouble getting the paint shop to get onboard using paint of unknown origins. Derek
  11. Does auto body paint go bad?

    Instead of spamming this forum maybe you should go away.
  12. That looks normal to me for glass beading. Raw castings are usually shot blasted then machined. I found that putting parts in a vibratory finisher after blasting restores some of the luster. I can fit my DOHC valve cover in my finisher. If you look closely you can see the difference. V3 is in the foreground and it has been shot blasted and then run in my vibratory finisher with burnishing media and liquid. V2 in the middle has only beed shot blasted. You can see a slight luster on V3. Here are two parts I glass beaded. And here they are after vibratory finishing. There are many types of finishing media. Burnishing media is what gives the parts the luster. Derek
  13. Well that looks like fun. I was messing with Rfactor for a while and even started modeling a 240Z for it. I decided to make a twin cam head instead:) The thing I noticed was it's more about the physics settings on the car more than the look of the car. Garbage in garbage out. I may have to pull my driving seat out of storage!
  14. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    I think what project binky showed me the most was that you can fit stuff in the space pretty easily. Getting it all to work properly without killing you is the tough part. What good is all that effort if it handles like a mini van.
  15. Test (Ignore)